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There are times, when listening to a new record, that all that a music lover needs is just to press the "Play" button on his Hi-Fi and let the music flow. It's that magic that sadly happens very rarely nowadays, in modern music.

This kind of magic is what fortunately happens in the new album of the Texan-born artist Jarrod Dickenson called Ready The Horses, a record whose musical tones and tinges travel in the air as light as feathers, thanks to Dickenson's artistry. Recorded live onto a 2 inches tape in what would be, in modern music terminology defined an old-fashioned way, Dickenson manages brilliantly to capture, in the 10 songs included in the album, the power and the depth of his voice and the intensity of his songwriting style.

German guitarist extraordinaire Michael Schenker must be feeling himself pretty good lately. His latest project Temple Of Rock doing remarkably well and last year’s successful live album have clearly helped to infuse Schenker's musical DNA with a new found enthusiasm, in a career span close to reach 5 decades of hard-rock militancy of the highest level.

Schenker has heavily contributed, through the years, to keep the hard-rock genre alive and kicking through a series of inspired musical projects like Scorpions, UFO, Michael Schenker Group and McAuley Schenker Group, amongst others.

Sometimes you have to hit the ground really hard to understand and appreciate who you are, where you come from, what you have and what you can be. When, back in 2009, prodigy guitarist, singer and songwriter Eric Gales was detained in prison for possessions of drugs and a weapon, the world must have fallen on the American artist's shoulders like a ton of bricks. That was a time in which Gales regained, during his detention, the will to be not just a better person but also to learn to focus on what Mother Nature had gifted him with, his enormous talent as a musician.

Almost 8 years along the line and Gales has now fully embraced this new-found philosophy of life. The 2011 album Transformation had shown already very promising signs of an artist willing to claim again full music royalty through a well-crafted record but his brand new album, Middle Of The Road, pushes definitely and very deservedly Gales right back to the olympus of music business.

A record born as a devoted homage to her mother. This is certainly one of the many ways to look at the Ohio-native Lisa Biales brand new album, called The Beat Of My Heart.

In a career span as a solo artist that started back in 1999, at the time that Biales worked on her first album called Music Box, there were already clear signs back then of the talent and class of the American singer as the next Rising Star in the music industry. Now at her 9th solo album, Biales has not just fulfilled the expectations of critics and music fans as one of the most talented performers worldwide but she has also, through her new record, managed to achieve something that this wonderful artist wanted to do for quite some time. Biales has always secretly loved to merge classic and contemporary styles in her music by making an album made of songs of fellow artists she always loved and respected. The inspiration to finally reach this musical goal came from the finding of a 78-record, a very old album that was recorded in 1947. The album contained a song called Crying Over You, written and performed by her mother, Alberta Roberts, whose vocal delivery sounds nowadays as strong, passionate and vibrant as it was 70 years ago.

starlite campbell band


Love is an extraordinary gift in every sense of the word. When English artists Simon Campbell and Suzy Starlite got married in 2014, their union wasn't just simply a natural combustion of two loving souls but also the union of two very talented musicians with one, big passion in common: the Blues.

After working very hard in the last 24 months on writing and recording over 60 songs, the two artists finally managed to put together their debut album as Starlite Campbell Band, called Blueberry Pie.

It's an album that shows many interesting sides of these two fine musicians. Comprising eleven original tracks, Blueberry Pie is a record that shows the great versatility of both Campbell (Vocals, Guitars and Percussion) and Starlite (Bass, Vocals) as songwriters, as well as singers too.

Supported by two impressive musicians like Steve Gibson on Drums and Percussion and Jonny Henderson on Hammond Organ and Wurlitzer Piano, Starlite and Campbell offer an eclectic collection of songs, with a definite blues/rock imprint that goes back to a late 60's, early 70's era.

There are times when you put a record on and, within minutes, you immediately fall in love with it. The love then grows as the tracks run through the Hi-Fi and you find yourself in an uplifted spirit, grateful to the art of music to allow you to receive a bucket of emotions in one, big, intense shot.

These are the feeling that Yours Truly felt by listening to a record that has come out some time ago last year in 2016 called Rain, by one of the most eclectic and talented group of musicians around, Lew Jetton & 61 South.

Robert Lewis Jetton is one of those people that you don't really know whether to envy because of the bags of skills he owns as a singer, songwriter and guitarist or just love unconditionally because in front of such craftsmanship, you just have to bow and enjoy the music.



It's fair to say that for every artists, it always comes a moment in their careers in which they need to close a circle. For years, fans and music lovers in general had requested a greatest hits from the Italian Maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia and their wish has finally become reality.

Atlas, Cacciapaglia's new release, is a double CD that encapsulates perfectly the artistic path of the Italian artist through 28 tracks, mostly belonging to the later releases of Cacciapaglia's extraordinary career.

The choice of the setlist may seem, at first glance, just a casual compilation of the Maestro's most famous tunes composed in the last quarter of the century. In reality, Cacciapaglia builds very carefully and cleverly the sequence of tracks present on Atlas, alternating moods and atmospheres through some truly sublime and inspired piano movements coming from Cacciapaglia's most recent discography like Canone Degli Spazi, Alphabet, Ten Directions, Quarto Tempo, or some slightly more dated, like Sonanze and Incontri Con L'Anima, amongst others.

The Italian Maestro, which has always been working with some of the finest musicians in the world, gifts the listeners, as an extra added bonus on Atlas with two new and very evocative tunes, Reverse and Mirabilis. Cacciapaglia had composed those new tunes prior to the release of this greatest hits and then he recorded them with the musical support of the very talented young musicians of the Celestia Chamber Orchestra last year, during the Tree Of Life Tour.

One of the most touching moments of the album is the Italian Maestro's homage to the life and career of the late great David Bowie, through a delicate and delightful piano version of Starman, one of the most iconic songs written by the English artist throughout his glorious career. Cacciapaglia treats the tune with the greatest respect possible, creating a dreaming arrangement with tinges of melancholy and drama. The whole, executed in the inimitable, exquisite and unique style and charisma that have been the trademark of every record of the Italian Maestro.

Atlas may be, or may be not, Cacciapaglia's own way to close a musical circle before launching himself into the next musical chapter of his splendid career and time will surely tell us more. What we have here, for old and new fans of the Italian artist, is a timeless record that photographs perfectly the past and the present of one of the giants of Contemporary Classical music. An outstanding statement of talent and brilliancy of one of the most inspired, intuitive and creative musicians of this generation.




Giovanni "Gio" Pilato





Atlas is out now and it is available via Amazon



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