From The Artist: Christine Duray. "John Bonham was my very first serious portrait when I returned to my art. I loved this image of John as I think of what time in the whole [of life] this is... what could be going through his mind. With this first portrait... I tried to convey that lost, but eager feeling of moving forward. I'm not sure if he was riding in a car, off to another gig...returning from a gig...but the feeling and energy is what I try to portray [in my work.] The energy...power and seductive energy each member portrays always makes for an exciting subject to work from. A little about my keep it simple ... I guess my talent began to show as young as age 5, in which I won first prize for a portrait I drew of my teacher. Encouraged from family and school, I did win a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago back in 1986."

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