Feature Article by Michelle of the Led Zeppelin Ultimate Fan Page.

Photos provided by Rick Mercer.

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For over thirty years, Rick Mercer has been on numerous stages throughout Ontario. Whether it's been playing in a friend's basement, to local bars and hotels, and even at annual summer festivals, Rick has experienced more than some can only dream about doing. When he can strap on a guitar and play, you'll find him doing the thing he enjoys the most. His love of songwriting and composing is evident in his original material while his love of playing emerges during his countless performances.

The owner/editor of the Led Zeppelin Ultimate Fan Page has graciously posted her series of interviews, talking with Led Zeppelin tribute bands from around the world! Here is an excerpt of her interview with Canadian Led Zeppelin Tribute Band, CODA:

Canada is known for its maple syrup, strangely coloured money, and hockey. When you think of Led Zeppelin you don't think of Canada do you? But surprise, there is a hidden gem in Canada.. CODA - The Raw Led Zeppelin Experience. Formed in January 2006, CODA has been playing consistently throughout the Greater Toronto area ever since.

Calling Toronto, Ontario, home, CODA performs the Led Zeppelin classics with pride, heart and soul. They admire and respect the music and the musicians behind it. There's no costumes, no wigs, just straight rock and roll by guys who love to play the music. They've rubbed shoulders with Jason Bonham and the Golden God himself, Robert Plant. They are first, fans of the music, then musicians. When you combine the two, as a fan at one of their shows, you will experience something you won't soon forget.

I was excited to reach out, to my 'neighbours', to do this interview. They embraced the opportunity and I couldn't be any more excited to share their answers with you all. Without further ado, may I present to you...CODA - The Raw Led Zeppelin Experience.

Taking a bite out of the competition, one song at a time!

What do you get when you combine a group of guys with the desire to play some of the classic tracks from one of the world's greatest rock bands with an appetite for a favorite New York eatery's sandwich? Led Blimpie, folks!

Growing up in New York City, guitarist Thor Fields remembers how a childhood eatery set him on the rock and roll highway. Fast forward to 2005, and Led Blimpie took its first flight. I had the great honor of interviewing these fun, hard working guys. They provided me with some entertaining insight into what keeps this blimp afloat.

Band Members: ledblimpiefilm

Thor Fields: Guitar

Jon Conver: Vocals

Matt Nonnenmacher: Drums

Joe Nerve: Bass

Frank Picarazzi: Keyboards, Backing Vocals (not pictured)


Photo provided by Led Blimpie.

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