The owner/editor of the Led Zeppelin Ultimate Fan Page has graciously posted her series of interviews, talking with Led Zeppelin tribute bands from around the world! Here you'll find her interview with the NY all women band, Lez Zeppelin:

Rock and Roll has always had this stereotype that women can't rock as heavy or loud as their male counterparts. But in 2004, some ladies from New York picked up instruments and set forth to prove the music world wrong. 'Lez Zeppelin' first made mainstream news in 2005 when SPIN magazine printed an article by Chuck Klosterman where he described the rise of bands such as Lez Zeppelin as a "kind of multi-layered cultural phenomenon." He also referred to the ladies as: "the most powerful all-female band in rock history"


Read the entire interview of Lez Zeppelin at the

Led Zeppelin Ultimate Fan Page Blogspot.


Photo by Pat Benic

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