Bluebirdreviews spoke to Jack Hues of WANG CHUNG, while they embarked on a

US Tour to launch their new album, Tazer UP!


to Jack Hues talk about many interesting topics in this phone interview, that was rich with music history, creative discussions of recording experiences, and an appreciation of bands and artists, both classic and contemporary. 

Most of all, Wang Chung thanks their fans for sticking by them, all of these years.

Go out and see them on tour and pick up their new record, Tazer UP!

Bluebirdreviews asked the following questions:

Are you here to save radio?

What do you think of the changes in the American content of radio?

We work with a lot of unsigned bands, so many of them are excellent and struggling to get their names out there.

What are your suggestions for new, up and coming bands?

I've been listening to your new album, Tazer Up! and it reminded me of the hypnotist, Milton Erikson. You address issues of the human psyche simultaneously at many levels. You let the listeners know we are all moving on from the 80's, and you bring them into the future.

Going way back, tell me about your work with Tony Banks of Genesis. You had a project called, Strictly, Inc.?

And you also worked with Sam Bailey on a jazz piece called, The Quartet, on Helium records. (With David Smith who now is touring with Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters)

We've been listening to Tazer Up! And simply love it! It's eclectic, energetic, and lyrically prolific. Stargazing reminded me of something Peter Gabriel might have produced on the album UP.

How do you think technology has changed music in the past few decades. Do you think it's changed it?

Is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

THANK YOU, Mr. Jack Hues.

A true gentleman, collaborative spirit and music visionary. We are followers!

Check back for a review of Tazer UP!

We will also review Jack Hues' work with Sam Bailey, Dave Smith, Tom Mason, Paul Booth and Duncan MacKay, "Shattering".

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WANG CHUNG has a NEW RECORD: Tazer Up! Listen to "Let's Get Along"



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