The New York-based singer/songwriter Pamela Sue Mann has just released via Bandcamp a rather excellent new single called In A Swan Dive, recorded with Music n Noise, and produced by Subtle Paranoia.

It is safe to say that, among all the many music genres, the Blues is one of the very few styles of music that stays with an artist forever. It's like a comforting blanket, a window to the soul, a way to interface yourself with your spirituality and this is not our website saying but rather the multitude of Blues artists that our website has had the privilege to meet through the last two decades.

The Italian Harmonica Maestro, singer/songwriter and Grammy-nominated artist Fabrizio Poggi knows for certain what the Blues is all about. He breathes and lives the genre every day on his own skin, he sings, plays and writes about it. Moreover, Poggi's deep love and appreciation of Blues has been universally recognized in every part of the world where the Italian artist has performed through the years and his many talents, including his irresistible power of communication, allowed Poggi to gain the highest respect from his fellow Blues artists and the many thousands of fans he has around the globe.

Marcus Miller & Mark King (Level 42)

In that sumptuous venue that is Shoreditch Town Hall in London, UK, one of the most illustrious radio stations in the country called Jazz FM has awarded for the 9th years in a row some of the most important names in the Jazz world, through a wonderful night hosted in the heart of the United Kingdom's capital.

One of the most incomprehensible mysteries of the music business involves one of the most beautiful voices of Blues and Soul of the last half a century and the reason why he doesn't seat, solely commercially speaking, on the same throne of fellow artists such as Al Green, Donny Hathaway or Robert Cray, just to mention a few.

At the age of 73, the American singer and songwriter William Pollak, better known as Billy Price, is still today one of the purest and finest singers you can possibly hear on a worldwide scale and an artist that has defined the beauty of Soul music, in particular, through his legendary live performances and hugely accomplished studio albums, like his latest called Dog Eat Dog, also reviewed by our website back few years ago.

There is nothing more difficult for a music writer than to write about an absolute, universally recognized musical living legend of Soul, Jazz, Funk and R&B like the 72-years-old from Buffalo, New York, Ronnie Foster.

To talk about the outstanding career of a musician that is considered among the very few last living Maestros of Hammond Organ, an instrument that Foster has mastered from early adulthood, it would take not days but perhaps weeks, given the magnitude of Foster's musical pedigree.

Year after year, our website is very privileged to reward those talented artists that have particularly impressed worldwide audiences either through their live performances or through the release of a hugely inspired studio record.

Our Awards are, as usually, split into two different categories, Artist Of The Year and Best Live Act, with an additional Career Award aimed to recognize and reward the outstanding career of an artist that has been highly inspirational and influential throughout the decades on an international level. 

The last three years in the Finnish singer/songwriter Ina Forsman's life must have been a real formative experience, both from a professional and personal perspective.

The long isolation period that millions of people have been through, including the artist, during the pandemic that has heavily shaken the whole world, the move to Berlin in Germany and the change of record label (Jazzhaus Records) must have certainly made an impact on the growth of Ina Forsman and her way to write music.

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