When the late great David Bowie passed sadly away,  on 10th January 2016, just after he announced the release of his latest album Blackstar, to the pianist and composer Mike Garson, who had been for more than 4 decades working for one of the greatest musical genius of this century, it must have felt like a robust and important part of his personal and artistic life had been abruptly taken away from him.

Following Bowie's passing, together with releasing several solo albums, Garson had also been touring the world with his project A Bowie Celebration, a project that would involve some of the finest alumni/musicians who, just like Garson, had been working with David Bowie throughout the years or may have heavily influenced by the enormous talent of the late great British singer/songwriter.

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Another year of music is coming to a end and once again, despite all the adversities and challenges that we all have faced and still facing, including, sadly, the music industry, it has come that time of the year again where we announce the winner of the Bluebird Reviews Artist Of The Year 2020.

This year, the competition has been particularly strong, which is a great thing, especially in view of the huge difficulties that music artists have gone through (and still going) with being able to make records and, even more demanding, performing live or virtually, like many have done online. We had a shortlist of nominees of great stature once again, this year, which includes the Stray Cats (Be-Bop, Rockabilly - USA), Naoko Sakata (Classic and Improvisational Pianist and Composer - JAP/SWE) and Fabrizio Poggi (Blues, Jazz, Folk - ITA). Now, let's announce, with no further ado, the name of this year's Award Winner:

Walter Trout - 2017 Award Winner

In one of the most challenging and tragic years ever lived by humanity, Bluebird Reviews is still here trying to support Art in the best way possible, especially for what concerns music artists, who have been sadly deprived of their livelihood by this ongoing pandemic.

Still, despite the fact that there has been virtually no space for live performances whatsoever for the totality of the music industry in 2020, our website would like to keep on rewarding this year too those artists that have expressed some of their best work, in our personal opinion, under form of a studio or live album.

Hard rock band  The Lonely Ones (featuring members of Bobaflex)  have released their re-imagined version of Queen's classic song "Flash".

Even though it was originally recorded in 2019, the band decided that this was the opportune time to release their heroic cover inspired by one of the most relevant rock bands from past and present times.

Today, blues icon Joe Bonamassa shares perhaps his most monumental rock soundscape to date, with the intricate ballad titled “When One Door Opens” on J&R Adventures.

The track was co-written with long-time producer Kevin Shirley and songwriter Pete Brown, known for his many collaborations with Cream and Jack Bruce. Bonamassa has long been influenced by the rock n’ roll royalty that came out of the 60s and 70s, and when fans hear “When One Door Opens” they’ll feel it more than ever.

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