As much as the society we are living in tries to discourage the current generation to use art-forms as a liberal and constructive way to express themselves, it is rather refreshing to hear, to these days, success stories happening through the power of that marvelous art that is music, particularly, the one about the Edinburgh-based pianist and composer Sean Logan.

The young Scottish artist didn't have exactly the easiest start in life possible, having to struggle with diagnosed neurodiverse conditions already at a very young age. Still, though, learning to play piano in his teenage years, as a sort of communicative vehicle, helped him a lot to boost the necessary confidence to go to local clubs or small venues and play music on open mic evenings to relatively small crowds, something that gave Logan the possibility to express in all its beauty his great personality, together with the talent and creativity of the Scottish artist.

Photo by Adam Kennedy

It's always a great privilege, for our website, to be able to talk to some inspiring artists coming from all around the world, showcasing not only their own musical talent at any possible level but also their life stories.

One of those highly gifted artists is, most certainly, South-African Blues/Rock guitarists and singer/songwriter Dan Patlansky, somebody that has always loved to tinge his well-crafted songs with snippets of personal life experiences through his tried-and-true playing style that has made Patlansky one of the most acclaimed artists of the genre in many different parts of the world.

Photo by Gio Pilato

It is most certainly undeniable the impact that the 1997 Blues/Rock album Trouble Is... from the American Guitar Supremo and singer/songwriter Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band made into the charts of half the world, not only from a commercial perspective but also by creating huge attention and awareness to new music fans about an emerging Nouvelle Vague of highly creative and talented guitarists that brought a new, vital lymph to the growth of American Blues and Rock.

Although Shepherd and his band, throughout the Louisiana-born artist's outstanding career, have sold an impressive amount of several million copies of records worldwide, plus earned 5 Grammy nominations, two Billboard Music Awards and two Blues Music Awards, Trouble Is.. as a singled-out album has understandably maintained a special place in the heart of the guitarist, especially in view of the fact that the third single released in '97 from that album, called Blue On Black, reached the top position on the US Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks charts, remaining at the top spot for an astonishing amount of 17 consecutive weeks.

Throughout the whole, majestic songbook that David Bowie has left to the world, with albums that have made a mark in music history, not many may have either understood or appreciated the importance of The Buddha Of Suburbia album, Bowie’s 19th of his personal discography.

A project intended to be as the soundtrack of the BBC TV series adaption of the book of the same name written by the South Asian and English descent writer Harif Kureishi, while promoting his due-to-be-released album Black Tie, White Noise, The Buddha Of Suburbia was conceived in a period of Bowie’s career that could be considered as transitional, to say the least, where perhaps the artist himself was not totally sure of what direction his music was going to take, in the early 90’s.

Ci sono dei dischi che segnano non solo momenti topici, nella carriera di un artista o di una band ma che rimangono scolpiti anche nella memoria storico-musicale di un paese come in questo caso l'Italia. Detti dischi, in virtu' della loro unicita' e bellezza, hanno anche il pregio di sconfinare oltre il proprio territorio di appartenenza per via del loro lessico musicale, attraverso un esperanto vocale e musicale capace di arrivare al cuore anche di nazioni dove la lingua parlata all'interno del contesto di canzone, diventa un tutt'uno con l'impatto emotivo creato dal disco in questione. 

Questo e' cio che e' accaduto con Tabula Rasa Elettrificata (comunemente conosciuto con l'abbreviazione T.R.E.) da parte del Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti, un gruppo che dal 1994 al 1997 ha inanellato tre gioielli sonori di grande valenza, in termini di sperimentazione, sonorita', melodie e profondita' politico/sociale nei testi, chiamati Ko' De Mondo, Linea Gotica e Tabula Rasa Elettrificata, appunto, l'ultimo dei quali raggiunse il primo posto assoluto nelle classifiche italiane di vendita dopo la sua pubblicazione il 1 Settembre 1997.

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