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There are not many people, within the music industry, able to say that they know every single secret of the business, as an artist, songwriter, road manager, artist manager, record producer and booking agent more than David Libert.

After having spent more than half a century living a highly intense life On The Road initially, as a successful artist with The Happenings in the 60's, then working and managing some of the biggest acts in the music business, like Alice Cooper, Prince, George Clinton, Living Colour, Parliament/Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins, Brian Auger, Sheila E and the list goes on and on, Libert, at the very respectable age of 79, has now decided to share some of the many formidable tales of his life in the music industry through the publication of his very first book, called Rock And Roll Warrior. Libert has kindly accepted Bluebird Reviews' invite to talk about Rock And Roll Warrior and the many aspects related to the making of the book and the personal and professional stories featured in it.

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Even those that don't necessary follow Electronica or Synth-Pop must have heard, at some point, one of the many hits collected throughout a career-span of 40 years by worldwide acclaimed Synth Pioneer, composer and singer/songwriter Howard Jones on the radio, somewhere in the world.

To make a brief sum of the hugely successful career of the English superstar would be next to impossible. Just for the benefit of those very few, unaware of the glorious rise to the stardom of contemporary music of the British artist since early 80's, it is perhaps a good starting point to say that Jones' first burst upon the contemporary music scene happened in 1983, where he and Thomas Dolby were already well known and respected all around the globe as Maestros in the use and development of the synthesizers, applied in contemporary music, back then. His first two albums, Human’s Lib and Dream Into Action became worldwide hits, reaching the number 1 spot in the music charts of half the world through an impressive sequence of successful singles, like New Song, What Is Love?, Things Can Only Get Better, Life In One Day, No One Is To Blame, and Like To Get To Know You Well, just to mention a few.

In the last century of contemporary music, very few artists have left a mark of indelibly stature more than the late great David Bowie. The English artist has inspired and still inspires, to these days and through his immense body of work, millions of musicians around the world in many different art forms,  at times, even not necessarily related to music per se.

One of these many musicians inspired by the magnitude of Bowie's songbook, is Monica Frank, a classically trained pianist originally from the States, but currently based in London. After getting her master's degree from New York City's Manhattan School Of Music, Frank has been mentored by the "historical" Bowie's pianist and composer Mike Garson, who, since her invitation to perform at 2019's A Bowie Celebration show in London, has been working closely with Frank via online meetings and email, while the young London-based artist was working on the arrangements she wrote of some of David Bowie's music for piano solo.

La definizione di un artista, per molte fonti, definisce il termine come "una persona che esprime la sua personalita' attraverso un mezzo che puo' essere un'arte figurativa o performativa. La parola viene usata anche come sinonimo di creativo".

In Italia, ci sono pochissimi artisti che reincarnano perfettamente la definizione di artista a tutto tondo ed uno di questi, e' certamente Andrea Chimenti. Scrittore, poeta e soprattutto, per il nostro sito, cantautore e compositore di altissima levatura, Chimenti e' la quintessenza di una persona che sente, assorbe e interpreta arte 24 ore al giorno e 365 giorni all'anno, anche quando le sue uscite discografiche sono talvolta molto saltuarie, anche se giustificamente.

Negli anni Ottanta in Italia, la musica stava accogliendo a braccia aperte le nuove influenze Synth-Pop provenienti dal Regno Unito, attraverso nuove ondate musicali come quella dei New Romantic e della New Wave, oppure quella del Rock e del Pop Americano di artisti emblematici di quella decade, come Bruce Springsteen o Michael Jackson, tra molti altri.

In tutto cio', nel contempo, la macchina musicale italiana si reggeva fortemente ad un numero cospicuo di artisti la cui vena e stile prettamente cantautoriale, sebbene supportata da grande creativita' lirica, non offriva molte alternative o innovazioni ne' sonore' ne' tantomeno liriche.

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