2023 has been another fabulous year of music. The health of this extraordinary art form is now, more than ever, strong and powerful under many aspects, as the caliber of the records reviewed by our website this year clearly confirms.

At Bluebird Reviews, we are honored to review, year after year, music artists of exceptional ability that help to provide, through their amazing artistic skills, the best possible platform to inspire the current generation of musicians from all around the globe and the future generations to come.

This year, Bluebird Reviews has opted for a different voting system to decide who the Artist Of The Year and the Best Live Act for 2023 are. We have reunited, remotely, our Bluebird Reviews Team across two countries, USA and UK, to decide who the 2023 Award winners are.

It took countless hours to decide the winners and the results, in the end, were really, really tight. Now, without any further ado, we are delighted to announce that the winners of the Bluebird Reviews Awards 2023 are:

Artist Of The Year: 


                      Scottie Miller


Best Live Act:




Lifetime Career Award:


                        Ken Scott


Many congratulations to this years's worthy winners and to all those artists that have so heavily contributed to make of 2019 another very special year to remember for the music industry and for all the music fans around the globe.