John Henry Bonham. (May 31, 1948-September 25th, 1980)
"We've done four already, but now we're steady and then they went, 1... 2... 3... 4...," John Bonham was referring to the number of takes to record "The Ocean" by Led Zeppelin. They had tried to record it 4 times prior but couldn't get it right, so as a pep talk he said this famous line.
He grew up in Redditch, Worcestershire, also known as the Black Country. Multiple band stories have said that his fellow musicians would worry that he wouldn't have enough 'petrol' to get back and forth from gigs because he was often far away from the busier cities.
Mr. Bonham still, was highly pursued as a drummer. Through his unique drumming style that is still hailed by musicians, especially the drumming community as the best drumming technique in the world. There are drum lessons and instructions to date that recall his 'triples' technique, 'Four Sticks', and fast foot pedal work. Early in his career, he used his hands a lot and later got the same effects with sticks, but was more efficient.  
I love John Bonham's work as a drummer so much, that sometimes I try to isolate his drum work from the rest of the songs he has recorded. I found this website that does just that. This site reports that it contains free downloads of Bonham's drumsets from "In Through The Out Door: which was recorded in 1979. They are not the full drum sets used on the album, but some licks from the studio.
John Bonham, humble and always with a warm smile. See this interview clip :
Epitaph ~ " CHERISHED MEMORIES OF A LOVING HUSBAND AND FATHER JOHN HENRY BONHAM WHO DIED SEPT. 25th 1980 AGED 32 YEARS" He will always be remembered in our hearts. Goodnight My Love, God Bless.
Mr. Bonham is survived by his son, Jason Bonham, daughter Zoe Bonham, and sister Deborah, all active in the music world.
The late, great Joan Bonham was part of a music group called 'The Zimmers'. It makes total sense that she would raise her family to appreciate and organize music wherever they go. Hail to the Bonham Generation !