The Real is a five piece alternative rock band from Toronto. They cite the influences of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. They also follow contemporary alternative bands, (Moist, Wide Mouth Mason, Chevelle, Future History). But one listen to their new song, "Becks," and you may hear so many things that are loved about rock music, you will think this song has been around for years. It hits you with a jumped up guitar riff of lead and rhythm with a blues rock sound. The dip into the deep vocals of Justin Idems reminded me of Foghat, who by the way, released a new album, Last Train Home, two years ago.

Vocals: Justin Idems (songwriter)

Guitar/Bg Vox: Chris McCann (songwriter)

Keys/Bg Vox: Kendra Brasz

Bass: Joe Lapierre

Drums: Fil Smialek

Justin wrote in to tell me about their band influences. Guitarist, Chris McCann is a big Stevie Ray Vaughn fan along with Justin. He told me that "Becks" was also directly influenced by the sounds of the Dave Matthews Band. Justin said "Becks" is their only distinctive blues offering, and that this track is their closest to classic rock. Incubus and Canadian bands such as Moist, Big Sugar, Wide Mouth Mason, and Finger Eleven, are also fuel for the writing fire of The Real. This is their debut single, as they head to the studio for a full EP, which we hope will be soon to come.

To learn more about The Real check out their website: 

The Real also recommends Future History for similar listening.
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