Jimmy Page in Conversation.

Aired on December 25th, 2012 via BBC News. Watch it with us.

He talks about the production of the Dec. 2007 O2 show and the 5 year anniversary release of the film,

Celebration Day.

The honor of receiving the Kennedy Center Awards this year and the inspirations of his first guitar interests. "The intervention." The connection between Elvis Presley is traced back to the original blues artists in the U.S. He agreed Led Zeppelin could not have existed without American music. (Keep the Blues Alive!) She mentions he's working on his own album, "at the moment."

"It's got to be a reflection of how you are ..."

"What I will be working on in the new year (2013) ... I can't really tell you, can I?"

Page stated that he is excited about American music today. And that blues music and trance music is what inspired him and is still in American music, although the guitar is not on the forefront, he noted.

Page and John Paul Jones were pumped up after the O2 show and would have toured as "Led Zeppelin," however, Robert Plant, 'always had another project and another project ...' Five years later, they have not had another concert.

The music world is wondering what will happen next.


Bluebirdreviews was at the O2 performance.

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