I've just finished watching the latest musical offering from Mr. Joe Bonamassa. "An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House" was released today and is available on two disc DVD, BluRay and CD format. Purchases can be made at most large retail music stores, at on-line music sites or via the artists official website.


My first impression: Mr. Bonamassa is elegant and deserving of headlining this historic venue. His classically trained guitar skills are prominent on each of the newly arranged songs, as four, handpicked and culturally diverse, musicians from Ireland, Sweden and the USA add their own unique spice to the audible brew. An Irish bango, mandolin, baby piano, accordian, glockenspeil, Nickelharpa and various ethnic percussion, create a colorful and worldly sound.

As you will see, the official trailer is designed to be a teaser and is no replacement for actual viewing of the full-length feature. I highly recommend purchasing this DVD as soon as possible.

Look for my full review in the days to come.

Yours in music,

DebFromMaine Hebert

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