Dear Readers:

Here is an idea that fans and studio musicians have been talking about for a long time. It is finally coming! GIVE FANS THE CREDIT is a petition that encourages producers and digital outlets to list ALL musicians and artists involved in EACH recording.

Why are Bluebirdreviews' articles so long?

Because we try to list all artists involved in every recording we review. Sometimes, this is hard to track down with digital downloads.

We like 'liner notes'!

With this petition, all credits will be published along with the music. Check it out!

Here is the Press Release:

Ever listen to music on your player and wonder who wrote, produced and played on the tracks? A big shout out to The Recording Academy for their "GIVE THE FANS THE CREDIT" campaign. This initiative, featuring Honorary Ambassadors T Bone Burnett and Don Was (among others), is designed to enhance music fans discovery of new music by ensuring all music creators are credited for their work on digitally released recordings. Important stuff folks!

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