Mozes and The First Born.

From the Netherlands. A fresh take on pop catches. Garage rock for your living room or next mod party. Psychedelic 70's mixes of rock fuses light up their self-titled debut of 12 songs. We got some promo tracks and found ourselves addicted to clicking and listening for more. My new saying is, "Let's see what's next." Mozes and The First Born. "What's next?"

Press Bio:

As a child, lead singer Melle Dielesen (23) spent countless
hours in front of the television watching and rewinding the animated movie
Prince of Egypt. It tells the ancient tale of Mozes. In which God as
one of his Ten Plagues in order to harass the tyrannical Pharaoh, commands all
the firstborn in the land of Egypt dead. A rather macabre plot, which along with
the rest of the movie made a deep impression on the young Melle.

Several years later Melle found himself living in London writing songs. When
he was in need of a name for this novel musical project, his childhood
fascination soared back to him. Mozes and the Firstborn, so was decided, was to
be the name of his new still-to-be-formed band. In 2010 he returned to his
hometown of Eindhoven, the Netherlands to look for potential band members.
Through a mutual acquaintance he met drummer Raven Aartsen (18)
and the two young guns decided to work together to chase their dream of becoming
full-time musicians. It was not before long when high-school friend and bassist
Corto Blommaert (23) was recruited to join the duo. Their first
EP I Got Skills was released shortly after this. Ultimately, a year and
a half later guitarist Ernst-Jan van Doorn (28) was added as
the fourth member and consequently the band reached its final and definite

All songs written and recorded by Mozes and the Firstborn
Mixed by Michel Schoots & Mozes and the Firstborn
Produced by Michel Schoots & Mozes and the Firstborn
Mastered by Hay Zeelen
Recorded at Biscuit Studios
(P) © 2013 Mozes And The Firstborn

Worldwide management by Meijer Music Management

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