Ray Goren Releases Third EP-- Songs For You

ray goren with amp and guitarSinger and multi-instrumentalist, Ray Goren caught my attention with the release of LA Sessions and Save My Soul, in 2014.  The 5-track EPs showcased a budding artist's knack for composing snappy, pop-driven tunes and sentimental ballads.  Considered a musical prodigy, Goren began playing guitar and writing his own music before he turned seven.  He has performed with guitar and songwriting legends such as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and Bonnie Raitt.  On August 21, 2015, Goren brought his talents to the masses once more, with the release of Songs For You, his debut EP on Jay Vee Records, produced by Grammy Award winning artist Steve Jordan. 

In reflecting on Goren, Steve Jordan remarks, "I’ve worked with a ton of great and legendary musicians in my career and Ray is one of the most gifted artists I’ve ever witnessed.  The fact that he is so good, at this age, just blows my mind."  Jordan has worked with Keith Richards, Beyonce, The Verbs, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Alicia Keys, The Pretenders, Neil Young and Kelly Clarkson.

raygoren songs for youSongs For You is comprised of five songs: four original tracks, "Those Days," "Down & Out," "Song For Me," and "It’s On You," as well as a cover of "Light My Fire."

The lead single, "Those Days", a bouncing, piano-driven tune with influences of gospel, funk and 60's soul, sets the pace for another memorable listening event.  I find this style suited to Goren's smooth, R & B vocal ability.  The storyline centered on the struggle between peace and strife is a pop anthem prime for mainstream radio. 

"Light My Fire" is bluesy and uninhibited, with delicate guitar and keyboard riffs that give way to full-on soloing.  Goren makes the classic his own by slowing down the melody and extending the delay at the end of each line to produce a sultry affect.

Goren's strength in the delivery of power ballads is his smoky, lower register.  There's sustenance and heart in every word sung on "Down & Out" and "It's On You", a quality I equate to that of Stevie Wonder and John Legend.

My favorite track here is "Song For Me."  It's a decadent music sandwich made from choice cuts of Soul Train, Thick & Pharrell, oozing with Prince-infused, club jam.  It's destined to drive dancers to the floor.   

Yours in music,

DebFromMaine Hebert


For more on Ray Goren, his music, and tour dates, please visit the artist's official website.  Photos and video courtesy of Ray Goren and Jay Vee Records.  All rights reserved, 2015.