Dear Readers,

Another year of music is coming to a end and once again, despite all the adversities and challenges that we all have faced and still facing, including, sadly, the music industry, it has come that time of the year again where we announce the winner of the Bluebird Reviews Artist Of The Year 2020.

This year, the competition has been particularly strong, which is a great thing, especially in view of the huge difficulties that music artists have gone through (and still going) with being able to make records and, even more demanding, performing live or virtually, like many have done online. We had a shortlist of nominees of great stature once again, this year, which includes the Stray Cats (Be-Bop, Rockabilly - USA), Naoko Sakata (Classic and Improvisational Pianist and Composer - JAP/SWE) and Fabrizio Poggi (Blues, Jazz, Folk - ITA). Now, let's announce, with no further ado, the name of this year's Award Winner:


                                          Fabrizio Poggi (ITA) - Winner of the Artist Of the Year Award 2020


fabrizio poggi foto di riccardo piccirillo low

                                                                             Foto Riccardo Piccirillo


Many congratulations to Fabrizio Poggi for the Award. His name is now added to our prestigious list of previous winners of the same category, like Walter Trout, Albert Castiglia, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Mike Zito and Beth Hart.