It is certainly refreshing to hear a record coming from an artist that embraces the idea of free form, as approach to music, in a completely unspoiled and direct manner.

This is, in short and in our personal opinion, what happens on the record called The Picture, the second release of the solo project of Swedish Bass/Double Bass artist and composer Alfred Lorinius, called Stormfågel. 

Lorinius, who has been widely well-known in the Scandinavian Jazz scene for his atypical, inspired and progressive way to look at Jazz as an art-form, through Stormfågel sees himself in the position of being able to deliver his musical vision as a solo artist and as a part of a band, where the Jazz improvisations laid down by Lorinius and his fellow musicians part of Stormfågel are still very imaginative and cohesive but just expressed in different shapes.

By his own admission, Lorinius sees the record as a kind of portal between two sonic doors, where the listener can step in and out of them on his/her own accord and whenever they like.

There is a great element of fascination, about The Picture and it derives from the way the album was constructed; Lorinius had recorded his solo improvisations in an old stone church, whilst Stormfågel's band members, drummer Oliver Steidle, tenor saxophonist Otis Sandsjö, guitarist Joel Fabiansson and singer Marie Nilsson Lannerö had all been recording their parts in a studio. 

Working separately, although it may come across as a very unusual way to build a record like The Picture, it has benefitted hugely the final outcome, in terms of originality and authenticity at the same time. A listener can easily close eyes at any point of the record and, through Lorinius and Stormfågel's musical guidance, think of being him/herself the imaginary painter of The Picture, a little like holding each instrument by yourself, applying brushes of sonic paint that the listeners can perceive in their mind through their personal, emotional vision.

The Picture, among all its many qualities, has got that unique ability of letting loose one's imagination, thanks to the individual skills of each of the musicians taking part to the record, no matter whether it is through that sense of open spaces offered by Lorinius, in one of his solos called Small Birds, or in Fabiansson's excellent guitar skills, shining especially in a tune like Never Will You See or even in Nilsson's tremendously exciting, classy and otherworldly vocals delivered in a song like The Joy Of Being With You, among others.


Atmospheric,reflective, daunting and inspiring at the same time; The Picture is a musical snapshot of great originality and played with gusto and great class. A record capable of carrying moods, colors and vibes that enlighten and enrich mind and soul at every stage of one's life.







 The Picture is out now and it is available on the Record Label's Bandcamp Page