It happens rarely that a new record hits you straight in the face in the most positive and wonderful way, when you hit the "Play" button on your CD Player. Then, when you realize that the magic of that record does not stop at the end of Track No.1 but, instead, it keeps on giving on each of the following tunes, that is the moment when you understand that you are dealing with a high quality record.

Yes, because that is exactly what the ninth and latest release of Seattle Powerhouse Lady A, called Satisfyin' is; an eclectic, highly pleasing combo of Soul, Blues, Fusion, R&B and Funk that lifts your spirit throughout the whole duration of the record.

Universally known as the Hardest Working Woman in Blues, Soul, Funk & Gospel, Anita White a.k.a. Lady A has certainly pulled all the possible aces out of her artistic sleeves, both as a singer and as a songwriter, while working on the making of Satisfyin', together with her trusted partner-in-crime, the artist's long time Music Director, Producer, band member and co-Songwriter, John Oliver III.

Satisfyin' is a record that exudes so many qualities. Lady A's new album, lyrically, is an hymn to optimism, love for people and for life, where the singer/songwriter also empowers every tune with such deep, convincing passion and emotional conviction in her vocal deliveries, especially in tunes such as the album's opener, Whatever You Do, Enjoy Your Life and the closing, heartwarming ballad Heaven Help Us All.

On a musical aspect, John Oliver III is absolutely impeccable; playing all instruments throughout the whole of Satisfyin', with few exceptions aside, the American multi-instrumentalist is able to create a different sonic dress that fits perfectly each of Lady A's songs with great class and elegance every step of the way.

It is important to highlight the constant progresses made as an artist by Lady A, year after year and album after album; Satisfyin' is one of those records that grabs the listener right from the start, no matter whether you are an old or new fan of Lady A's musical vocabulary. Her songs make you smile, reflect, dance and, most importantly, give you that joie-de-vivre that so many millions of us crave, right now and all over the world.

For those who might have fallen out of love for music in recent years, Satisfyin' is that kind of record that will bring that love back to you immediately. Very well written, sang and arranged, Satisfyin' is undoubtedly the pinnacle of Lady A's career to date and an unmissable artistic jewel to get for every true music connoisseur.

Moreover, given the bags of talent of the Seattle-based singer/songwriter, our website has got no doubts whatsoever that Lady A will continue to gift her many fans and the whole music business with many fabulous and inspired records in years to come through her impressive, breathtaking talent.





Satisfyin' is out now and it is available to be purchased on Amazon