The New York-based singer/songwriter Pamela Sue Mann has just released via Bandcamp a rather excellent new single called In A Swan Dive, recorded with Music n Noise, and produced by Subtle Paranoia.

According to the artist's statement on Bandcamp, "‘In A Swan Dive’ is a subterranean confession of cluelessness - a kind of psychic preamble to shit hitting the fan. Written in earnest to a best friend, ‘In a Swan Dive’ highlights the trials of being human and what it means to carry on amidst a challenging and ever-changing world of uncertainty. For those of us momentarily lost and overwhelmed by it all, this song speaks to those who understand the nature of this feeling. ‘In A Swan Dive’ is a grateful acknowledgement of the gift that profound connection holds in these times. I hope it may bring a smidgeon of relief to another being trying to navigate their own topsy-turvy, perplexing, and often confounding reality."

Truthfully, In A Swan Dive sums up rather perfectly the many skills of an artist like Mann, an artist that uses carefully her voice with great grace, just as any respectful poet or troubadour would do, whilst narrating her life stories gently, almost whispering her lyrics, to better create an element of connection between Mann and the listener.

Very often, touching and heartfelt lyrics like the one written by Mann in A Swan Dive don't need any particular pomp or circumstances. Armed just with a Steinway Grand Piano and her wonderful voice, Mann delivers a tune of great depth on many fronts, lyrical, musical and vocal, entising gently the listener in the artist's own world, a world that includes different shapes and colours, just like depicted on the cover of In A Swan Dive.

While the American singer/songwriter is working with her friend and collaborator Music'n'Noise on a new project called Subtle Paranoia, which will likely see the light of the day around the end of Springtime, it is very much worth, in the meantime, to love and appreciate every minute of In A Swan Dive, a single that very much reminds all of us of the many talents of an artist like Pamela Sue Mann.




In A Swan Dive is available to be purchased at Pamela Sue Mann's official Bandcamp page.