One thing that is not often enough taken into consideration, about the Italian Blues Harmonica Master and singer/songwriter Marco Pandolfi, it is his multi-faceted ability to play other instruments like acoustic guitar and piano with the same effortless class used by the Italian artist when playing his beloved Harmonica.

Whilst most of Pandolfi's previous records showcased, in particular, together with his insane talent as an Harmonica player also his remarkable skills as a singer, Marco Pandolfi's brand new album called No Expectation displays in full the Italian multi-instrumentalist skills just like a bottle of the most refined red wine would do, when opened .

Pandolfi has also been unanimously recognized, through the years, as a magnificent raconteur, thanks to his unique songwriting style, populated by those fictional characters that enrich his everydays' life urban tales under form of songs, something that the Italian artist's new album continues to show also within No Expectation, confirming once more how Pandolfi's inspiration keeps on flowing beautifully, record after record.

No Expectation sees 14 acoustic Blues vignettes about dreams, hopes, struggles, desperation and loneliness performed by Pandolfi through his unmistakable acoustic Chicago Blues style, very typical of the artist's personal vision and musical approach to this very soulful music genre.

From songs like Lions Eat First, an ironic take on the state of our society, about dominance of rich individuals above poorer classes, to another song like Leaving Town, about resetting life and risking it all, Pandolfi's songs are all delivered with such elegance and simplicity at the same time, thanks to his suave and soothing vocal style, with the added capacities of enticing the listener through the songs' narrative and the wonderful craftmanship showed by Pandolfi while playing Guitar, Harmonica or Piano.

Whilst it is difficult to select particular highlights on a very accomplished record like No Expectation, perhaps the tune that stands out the most, in our views and defines at its best the class and the depth of talent of an artist like Marco Pandolfi, it is the song called Crazy, a desperately romantic and exquisitely vocally delivered song, where also the addition of Angelo Chiocca on saxophone contributes to create an overall atmosphere of a strong, emotional pathos.

Marco Pandolfi goes from strength to strength with each passing album and No Expectation is, undoubtedly, one of the Italian Multi-Instrumentalist's most inspired albums and career-defining moments at the same time. A delicate, precious Blues gem to hold and cherish for many years to come.



No Expectation is out now and it is available via Marco Pandolfi's Official Website.