It is never too late to discover albums that hide a certain fascination about them, even if the albums in question might have been released some time ago.

Our website stumbled in a very interesting record called Sottili Polveri (Thin Dusts) released back at the end of 2021 from the Italian Synth-Phenomenon Giorgio Ricci, a.k.a. Templezone, who has made his name in Italy and several European countries in the last decade, especially, thanks to an highly thrilling and sometimes impenetrable sonic pastiche that combines Electronica and 90's Trip-Hop with layers of Ambient, Jazz or even Industrial-Rock, at times.

Templezone's Sottili Polveri is a body of work that deserves attention and particular respect, not only for the creative and visionary approach brought by Ricci but also for the meticulous amount of time spent by the Italian artist in chiseling an album that has got a strong cinematic appeal to it.

Perhaps, it is for the aforementioned appeal that Templezone has decided to bring into his new project different singers that would, each one of them, help to sculpture in words the musical atmospheres so exquisitely created by Ricci himself in different ways, through the individual power of their voices.

Templezone is an absolute champion in forging, in his compositions, layers of musical tension, obscurity and occasionally dreaming moods, thanks to his exceptional artistic vision; the album's opener Stalker, for example, through the whispered, menacing lyrics sang by vocalist Francesca Novello or an instrumental tune like Waste Land, a little Electro-Jazz masterpiece are a shining example of the effortless ability of Giorgio Ricci in shaping clever sonic mash-ups through his imaginative mind.

Sottili Polveri offers a full repertoire of Templezone's musical text book. From the highly entertaining combustion of Trip/Hop, Electronica and Ambient music shown in a tune like Blu, going through the almost industrial Kraut-Hop electronic sound of Germanic provenience emerging in a song like The Last Blues to then merge into a greatly evocative tune like the album's title-track containing pure mechanical-sounding escapism, Templezone's musical artillery embraces the listener and take said listener to a mystery journey, where behind each musical door there is a new and exciting story to tell, either through spoken words or simply through the power of his music.

Through Sottili Polveri, Templezone invites us all in his musical planet, a planet where you just need to close your eyes and let the artist taking you to his fascinating, moody, uplifting and surprising sonic ionosphere of dreams, tensions and emotions. A planet, where you can pleasantly lose yourself every time you wish.






Sottili Polveri is out now and it can be purchased via Templezone's Official Bandcamp Page