The German minimalist piano composer has always been, since his debut album of 2014, a very talented but also an enigmatic artist very difficult to specifically pigeonhole in a defined genre.


From Classica to Jazz, both layered with fragments of Electronica and even Rock, Lambert has always loved to maintain an open door, in his next projects, due to his idea of letting free-form piano music breathing of its own accord, without having to stick to specific sonic requirements.

Lambert's creating views can be pretty much noticed also in the artist's new album, his eighth one, called All This Time, where the German composer let his improvisational style getting a notch further, by piecing together sophisticated layers of early Cool Jazz, Classical Music and Rumba, like in the record opener track called Bummel or building a very innovative and interesting wall-of-sound made of Jazz, Punk, Electronica and Classical in a cleverly created foot-stomping tune called Loud.


The German composer also display remarkable piano and composing skills on pieces that maintain a more defined style but executed very brilliantly by Lambert, like Stolper Jim, a little jewel of contemporary Jazz at its finest or Cry Me A River, a suave composition, played with extreme class by the German artist.


On All This Time, Lambert also called two excellent musicians to play with him on the album, bassist Felix Weigt and drummer Luca Marini, who supported Lambert's compositional creative vision with some impressive craftsmanship, especially on pieces like Lucamballard or Follow, among others.


Lambert's debut with his new record label Verve is impressively written, played and structured and it showcases,  once again, together with Lambert's undisputed Piano playing talent, a will to experiment with new, alternative sonic alleyways on each passing record, still maintaining, though, a very recognizable trademark sound that makes the German composer being one of the most original and forward-thinking contemporary Jazz artists. Another brilliant landmark in the career of Lambert.



All This Time is out now and it can be purchased via Amazon