Every artist feels the concept of Music in different ways and releases his/her own interpretation of it according to their inner instinct or, perhaps, by compromising their musical skills and their vision with what can be seen as a contemporary sonic trend or the latest "Hip" kind of sound.

Thankfully, the multi-faceted Rock and Soul Dutch collective DeWolff belongs to the first category of the aforementioned artists, a band that keeps pushing their musical boundaries on each passing record towards a musical greatness that they have most certainly achieved through their brand new album called Love, Death And In Between.


Following the commercial success and the high praises received for their previous 2021's record called Wolffpack, brothers Pablo (guitar/vocals) and Luka Van De Poel (drums/vocals) alongside Robin Piso (Hammond/Wurlitzer) found themselves inspired by the idea of creating an organic sound coming from a full analog-to-tape type of recording style, making music with several guests physically present in studio and attempting to recreate an altogether harmonic, raw and direct wall of sound that would transfer on record their idea of togetherness that they wanted to achieve.

Undoubtedly, DeWolff fully accomplished their sonic mission, on Love, Death & In Between. The collective's new album is an unstoppable ride through the Stax Soul of the 60's that echoes giants of the genre, like Sam & Dave, Otis Redding or Isaac Hayes, the whole mixed with an abundant dose of 70's Southern Rock and Psychedelia, translated in an irresistible, convincing and mesmerising musical combo by the Dutch Trio.

Quite frankly, there is not a single note out of place, on DeWolff's latest offering; each of the songs comprised into the album's tracklist is a journey into the marvelous world of a band that never hesitates to bring their sound on different tangents, like in that epic suite called Rosita, or recreate, in their own personal style, the highest moments in the songbooks of seminal bands like Traffic, Doobie Brothers, Doors, Supertramp, Allman Brothers Band and the list goes on and on.

Individually, the Van De Poel brothers and Piso are authentic masters of their own instruments, their interplay is pitch perfect and that shows on each of the songs included into this incredible record. Furthermore, it will really amaze the listeners the range of vocal skills showcased by Pablo Van De Poel on the entire album, making of DeWolff, one of the hottest music package on a worldwide level.

It may be too soon in the year to say that Love, Death & In Between is a serious candidate to be one of the albums of 2023 on any level but boy, thes eguys can play and write music. To our website, nevertheless, DeWolff's new record is up there among the best albums of the last decade.



Love, Death & In Between is out now and it is available to be purchased via Mascot