In a time of the world where we are surrounded by an enormous amount of pressure, expectations, where uncertainty for the future seems to be the constant point of concern for the whole humanity, it's hugely comforting to know that at least, Music is still there to provide for us those rare moments of inner peace, that brief time for escapism from reality that we so much crave for, at the end of another challenging day in our personal journey in life.

Creating atmospheres able to generate sonic feelings of strong spirituality and inner peace, has always been one of the strongest skills of the Italian Pianist and Composer Roberto Cacciapaglia, an artist whose compositions have always been inspired by space, nature and its many movements, all elements that have brought the Italian Composer to create immortal piano pieces, through the years, that are well known all over the world not only for the depth of melody they naturally possess, but also because of their intensity.

Since his last 2019 studio album called Diapason, Cacciapaglia has continued to be hugely influenced, creatively, by the power of nature and its micro and macrocosms, aspects that also find their place in the Italian Maestro's brand new album called Invisible Rainbows, a record that, in many different ways, marks an important point in the career of Roberto Cacciapaglia.

Invisible Rainbows is, undoubtedly, a very special album in an already extraordinary discography like the one of the Italian Composer. It is a record that uses beautifully the concept of Space, where Cacciapaglia lead us all, through his piano playing, as a Commander-In-Chief of an undetectable transport vehicle that has the power to lift the listeners up in the sky of music and to look at the world from above, moving then at ground level silently, gifting us with the opportunity to listen to all the different sounds of nature, whilst also appreciating the many uplifting cosmic metamorphosis happening around us, something we all give, too often, for granted without fully appreciating their magic.

Cacciapaglia's new record is, in our opinion, one of the most inspired moments of the Italian artist's career to date; the 15 pieces included in Invisible Rainbows have the power to carry the listeners in places of the soul where it is possible to live and breathe freely, inhaling into our lungs the full magnificence of the planet in all its expression, especially the sky, to which Cacciapaglia dedicates the central theme of the album through his marvelous piano playing style.

The Italian Maestro playing style, on Invisible Rainbows, touches some remarkable peaks of creativity. It's an impossible task to pick a few of Cacciapaglia's pianistic gems as highlights, among true masterpieces like Electa, Helios, Atlantis, Rainbows, London Sleeps and the list goes on and on.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Invisible Rainbows displays in full the complete artistry of such an inspired and an inspirational artist like Roberto Cacciapaglia. The Italian Maestro has clinched, through his new record, the perfect balance between melody, creativity, originality and compositional skills, something that is never easy to achieve for any artist of any genre on any record. Unless, of course, your name is Roberto Cacciapaglia.





Invisible Rainbows is available to be pre-ordered and purchased via Amazon