In these days and age, there are very few artists able to paint a global, sonic landscape of a country's own music and tradition through the decades, especially in a country like the United States, where there is a long and multi-layered history of Soul, Blues, R&B, Boogie, Country, Folk and the list goes on and on.

It is for this very same reason that a body of work like the one delivered by the Louisiana-born singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Nelson Blanchard, through his self-titled new record, deserves to be considered a modern masterpiece of Americana at every possible level.

For those who may not completely aware of the many talents of Nelson Blanchard, it may be sufficient to say that this incredibly talented artist has worked, throughout 45-plus years of career, with some of the biggest names in music business, like Tab Benoit, La Roux, Goo Goo Dolls, Kenny Rogers, Elizabeth Ashley, Kenny Neal, Britney Spears and many many more, an aspect that may hopefully give a little perspective about the scale of musicianship that Blanchard has.

Completely recorded at Blanchard's own studios in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the singer/songwriter self-titled album is a breathtaking musical kaleidoscope that embraces half a century of American music, from 60's Doo Wop and Boogie to 70's Southern Rock, tiptoeing into the sound of the classic Stax Southern Soul and offering some splendid passages of Cajun, Folk and Country to complete an overall contemporary view of The Great American Songbook.

While to some, exploring many different genres in a sole record may sound incoherent and perhaps confusing, the listener will soon realize that every single song, part of this magnificent album, makes perfect sense at every point of the album.

Blanchard's vocals, at the age of 70,  are still so incredibly powerful, intense, soulful, able to adapt to any genre played on the album with extraordinary grace ed elegance, an element that is so much key, to this record. The American artist has got one of this very unique and distinctive singing voices, a voice that often echoes musical giants like Paul Anka, James Taylor or Neil Diamond, just to offer an idea of Blanchard's fantastic singing skills.

Together with being an exceptional singer and an inspired songwriter, Blanchard is an excellent keyboard and guitar player too. Each song present on the album has been played and arranged with incredible attention to details, something that comes not as much as a surprise, given the American multi-instrumentalist impeccable musical pedigree.

To make his album sound at the highest possible standard, Blanchard has chosen some rather outstanding musicians, playing on his new album (more than 20, to be precise), by calling illustrious masters of the Blues, Soul and R&B modern industry, like Jason Parfait on saxophone, Randy Carpenter on drums, Kenny Neal on guitar or Chris Carmichael on strings, just to mention very few of them.

Then, there are the songs. Each of the 11 tracks included in Nelson Blanchard's new album are testimony of the profound love and appreciation showed by the American artist to the music history of his country and, at the same time, they also represent the ultimate statement of Blanchard's enormous musicianship.

Blanchard's self-titled album is one of the best sonic journeys you can dream to embark in the history of American Music in 2023. Especially, when on the driving seat, there is Mr. Nelson Blanchard.



Nelson Blanchard's self-titled new album is out now and it is available to be purchased at the artist's Official Website.