One of the most memorable Blues and Blues/Rock live acts, not solely in the United States but also in the rest of the world and especially in the decade starting from 1987 to 1997, was undoubtedly Omar & The Howlers.

The band, led historically by the singer and guitarist Omar Dykes, formed back in 1973 to then move, few years later, to Austin, Texas where their sonic combustion of electric and acoustic Blues, Blues/Rock and Cajun blossomed at its very best, to the point to be considered among the very few authentic torchbearers of a style of Texas Blues music that would bring Omar & The Howlers to get worldwide recognition for their sonic strength, musicianship and the unique powerful vocal skills of their band leader Omar Dykes.

The 1987 studio album Hard Times In The Land Of Plenty marked a pivotal moment in the American collective's career, both in terms of record selling and popularity. From that point on, Omar & The Howlers started to Tour the world even more extensively and their incendiary live performances are, still to these days, remembered by long-time Blues fans as some of the best they have ever witnessed.

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Although the band had released several live albums, through their career, there was not a real, full-length recorded footage released of those very special years, especially from 1990 onward, where Omar & The Howlers were recording sold-out venues all over the world, until now.

Classic Live Performances Vol.1-4: 1990's, a collection of live performances recorded in various venues across the States and Europe released only digitally, it's a monumental 5 and a half-plus hours of some of the best material recorded throughout the 1990's by Omar And The Howlers, where the raw, straight-in-your-face and incredibly energetic sound of the band reached some remarkable peaks of musical quality that amply justified, in our personal opinion, the reasons behind the American Blues/Rock collective fame that they achieved, back then, in every country where they were live performing.

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Together with the original material recorded throughout the decades by Omar & The Howlers, there are also some covers exquisitely delivered by the Texas-based band, such as Frankie Laine's Rawhide, Hendrix's Purple Haze or Jerry McCain's Cutie Named Judie, all songs aptly chosen to demonstrate the musical muscles and eclectic palette of a band that never took the foot off the gas at any point of this rather fabulous collection.

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The Classic Live Performances Vol.1-4: 1990's collection can be purchased either singularly or in its entirety via the most known digital platforms. From our website's perspective, if you really love explosive, gritty and superbly high-octane played Blues, Cajun and Blues/Rock, it makes a lot more sense to pay few more dimes to get a sonic document in its entirety of one of the coolest and most powerful collectives that the state of Texas has ever released to the world.




Classic Live Performances Vol.1-4: 1990's is available now only digitally and it can be purchased on Amazon