There are records, in the infinite galaxy of the music world, that sometimes are born purely out of love, intended in its most universal meaning. When said love then happens to meet people struck by its power, beauty and intensity, what comes after cannot be any less than shiny and sparkling.

This is, in brief, the biggest, perhaps divine creative engine behind the making of The Rock House Sessions, the debut album of American Powerhouse singer/songwriter Nalani Rothrock, a record that marks, very likely, the beginning step of a glorious music career for the talented Florida-born artist.

The Rock House Sessions is a musical project that comes out of the joint effort, for what concerns the songwriting part, of Rothrock and guitarist Joshua Lamkin, who happens to be also Rothrock's partner in real life.

The move from Rothrock's native place of Tampa Bay to Nashville, Tennessee, where The Rock House Sessions was recorded, it was dictated, very likely, by the fact that Nashville seems to be the heart-beating epicenter of contemporary music of various genres, in these days and age, a perfect spot for the singer/songwriter to showcase her remarkable vocal skills and the ability of writing (and singing) catchy songs packed with melody and lyrical depth.

The final link that chained the series of events which brought to the birth of Rothrock's debut album, it was for the American artist meeting Kevin McKendree, owner of the Rock House studio based in Franklin. McKendree fell in love very quickly with Rothrock's amazing voice and decided to embark the project of playing keyboards, producing, mixing and recording The Rock House Sessions album, with Joshua Lamkin on guitar and co-writer of the whole album (together with Rothrock) plus some of the finest local studio musicians to provide the additional sonic layers needed on the album.

Undoubtedly, the first, powerful impact arriving to the heart of anybody listening to the album, it is that powerful, soulful and incredibly rich variety of vocal skills exhibited by Nalani Rothrock throughout the whole record. One of the winning aspects of an album like The Rock House Sessions is not only related to the strength and beauty of the American singer/songwriter's voice, but also to the variety of the musical offer provided by Rothrock on her first solo effort.

There is Soul, Jazz, Country, Folk, Blues, R&B, Gospel and even a hint of Tex-Mex, infused in the wonderful vocal harmonies created by Nalani Rothrock and each and every song is packed with strong and well-crafted choruses and bridges, with the singer/songwriter displaying such a confidence and swagger on each vocal performance that, for someone as young as Rothrock is, it is rather phenomenal.

The 9 songs included into The Rock House Sessions are packed, from a songwriting perspective, with total honesty and unconditional love for life and for people. Rothrock's way to translate the sentiments expressed by the songs' lyrics feels totally genuine and convincing, with all the record's tunes sang with total emotional commitment every step of the album by the American artist.

The Rock House Sessions is such an impressive starting point for a rising star like Nalani Rothrock, a star that, we have no doubts, will continue to rise and shine even stronger, in the firmament of the music industry, for many more years to come.





The Rock House Sessions is out now and it is available to be purchased via Nalani Rothrock's Official Website