It's rather refreshing to see somebody that has heavily contributed, through his unmistakable guitar playing, the Rock music of the 70's being still inspired by love for music in its globality, letting loose and thoroughly enjoying himself still in these days and age. 


The Doors' guitarist Robby Krieger doesn't need any particular introduction at all, not even to those that have not familiar to Rock'N'Roll for very long. His guitar sound has permeated not only the music of a seminal band like The Doors but the whole of a decade of music and beyond even as a solo artist, making Krieger being recognised as one of the 100 most loved and influential guitarists of all time by a prestigious magazine like Rolling Stone.

Krieger's new project is rather a fascinating one and it is called Robby Krieger And The Soul Savages, a project that has generated a self-titled record, totally instrumental, showcasing the outcome of a genuine combustion of pure improvisational ideas generated in studio, while jamming with The Soul Savages' band members.

The record is a rather inspired, eclectic and very inventive hybrid of Funk, Fusion, Psychedelia, Latin Rock, Jazz and even slightly Bluesy, at times. Exquisitely played and cleverly constructed, musically speaking, the record displays, together with the individual talent of each musician, a certain freshness to it, deriving, in our personal opinion, from the very organic and totally free-form approach to music applied by Krieger and The Soul Savages.

The use of Krieger's guitar in each of the 10 instrumentals part of the record it's highly clever and instinctive, the result of which creates beautifully changes in sonic directions, with flashes of creativity of first class.

The Soul Savages work in perfect unison and great harmony, with Krieger's intuitive and inspired guitar playing; Ed Roth on keyboards is a true joy to hear on each of the 10 pieces included on the album, especially on tunes such as A Day In L.A , Contrary Motion and Bouncy Betty, while the Rhythm Section, made by Kevin Brandon on bass guitar and Franklin Vanderbilt on drums is truly exceptional, shining particularly on pieces like Kilzoni and Blue Brandino, among others.

Robby Krieger And The Soul Savages is a highly spontaneous labour of love for music that comes straight from the souls of each musician involved in this fascinating and well accomplished project. A very entertaining patchwork of music genres that brings that honest food for the soul that just the art of music is able to achieve.



Robby Krieger And The Soul Savages is out now and can be purchased via Mascot Label Group / Provogue