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From their Biography ~

"Bigfoot is described in reports as a large, ape-like, and legendary creature, determined to change the face of music. With the help of singer/guitarist Benjamin Douglas Butt, lead guitarist Darren Michael Butt, bassist Mikey Lee, and drummer Jeremy Burton, this Toronto based band is dedicated to continue spreading the enduring legacy of Bigfoot. By combining elements of punk, hard rock and alternative metal into a sludgy, aggressive sound, Bigfoot will be heard. Bigfoot will be seen."


Review by Bluebird

Photos, (mysteriously provided) by Bigfoot

Big Foot Band Members (from Toronto):

Benjamin Douglas Butt, Darren Michael Butt, Mikey Lee, Jeremy Burton


Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Thrice, Led Zeppelin

Label: Unsigned


EP Review:

Buckets and Parachutes- This story becomes real when these serious musicians crank out opening guitar riffs, then free fall the tempo, dropping to 2,000 feet, and quickly pick it up again to slam out a great tune. Life's ups and downs become a wild ride that you want to follow into the great adventure. Find a way through the haze!

Bittersweet Design- Speed metal comes out stealthy and doesn't stop running. The bridges break up the song to highlight the lyrics that depict bittersweet love gone wrong. Distortion winds up mid-song with grunge guitar wrapping around the bass lines.

Wildman- Screams for the wild man! Big Foot LIVES!!! And now the footprints can be HEARD!

Cold November- Head banging house crashing rhythm had this blare through my brain to be my favorite song on this EP. High guitar riffs in the perimeter added interest. Low bass lines with impact guitar are a great match during the bridge. Vocals get to the point and had some backup for added power. This song was short, but packed a big punch.

"We all have cold Novembers, but we need to hold on and survive."


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