Excerpts From the Press Biography:

Rebecca Brandt, is a New York composer and pianist from Brooklyn. Her debut album, is Numbers & Shapes. Rebecca's vision includes arrangements for over twenty instruments on fourteen tracks. She has blended classical music in a way that brings together fans of a range of genres, having been compared to works by Philip Glass, Pink Floyd, and Rush. The instruments you will hear on this record include; the harp, flute, bassoon, string trio, double bass, glockenspiels, djembes, and cellos. "The Moment" features a 32-piece orchestra.
"Numbers & Shapes" is 14 tracks of original compositions, written and orchestrated for 30+ instruments. The album blends a variety of genres, mainly electro-acoustic, contemporary classical, and electronic sounds. Yet each song is unique and takes on its own shape, sometimes playing on jazz or world rhythms; one track has a post-rock vibe, another is ambient and dreamy, others are more traditionally classical.

Every original song on this record tells a story. It is a unique set of reflections, with it's own tones, ranges, sounds and images, gifted - from Brandt to the listener. Opening with "Staying Silent," fresh sounds flow throughout the first tracks, the percussion keeps time, while Ashley Bozian-Murtha's flute floats. Alex Beckmann's drums again highlight the second track, "Run," creating a contrast for Brandt's piano and Marc Plotkin's sax. It's all Brandt and Beckmann for "The Clock Breaks At Three," bringing mystery and intrigue, with stepwise progressions, accented by cymbals. Vocals, by Alexandra Milak, bring a whisper breeze, that illuminates to running percussive beats and wonderful melodies, complete with Sam Budish on marimbas.

Brandt has fun with song titles such as, "Jewelry Box." As if in a fairytale, you could imagine it open, sparkling, with treasures inside, unique and glimmering, introducing themselves, one by one. Then, once the gems are spilling out, the merging of beautiful images blends together. There are two violin tracks on this song, Amanda Lo, Patti Kilroy, and David Fallo is on viola. "The Moment," as a title, is an elegant understatement for this closing piece. It is orchestral, magnificent and gracious, in how it builds, layer upon layer, to a community of sound. Phuttaraksa Kamnirdratana on harp adds a classical touch, while the entire piece is very intense.

Rebecca Brandt, as a pianist, is obviously talented and more gifted still, is her ability to collaborate with the other wonderful musicians on Numbers and Shapes. Each song is a showcase for their beautiful soundscapes and journey to the ears! While I don't hear the progressive rock tones of Rush or Pink Floyd, I do find this album to be intriguing, and thoroughly enjoyable. Put it on your music player, let it welcome and transition, exit, let go of, the various moods and stories, that may come to mind as you listen. It is more classical than jazz, but the blended forms and creative instrumentation, make Rebecca Brandt a stand out composer of many genres.  

Album Credits:

Rebecca Brandt – piano, glockenspiel, vibraphone, Rhodes, xylophone, synths, electronic drums, celesta, vocals
Marc Plotkin – guitars, soprano and alto saxophone, electric bass, vocals
Alex Beckmann – drums, hand percussion, djembe
Benjamin Jacobs – electric bass
Amanda Lo – violin
Patti Kilroy – violin
David Fallo – viola
Liam Veuve – cello
Jon Rosen – double bass
Kate Hannington – oboe
Alison Mari – English horn
Ashley Bozian-Murtha – flute
Jeremy Gorin – clarinet
Derek Smith – bassoon
Phuttaraksa Kamnirdratana – harp
Sam Budish – marimba
Indro Roy-Chowdhury – sitar
Alexandra Milak – vocals

All works composed, orchestrated and arranged by Rebecca Brandt

Produced by Marc Plotkin

Recorded by Marc Plotkin at:

N6th Studios, Brooklyn NY
The Centria, New York NY
The Julliard School, New York NY
Hunter College, New York NY
Melrose Studios, Brooklyn NY
Lawrence High School, Cedarhurst NY
The Atlantic Living Room, Atlantic Beach NY
Himrod, Brooklyn NY
FiDi, New York NY

Additional recording by:

Nathan Rosenberg – The Doghouse NYC Studios, Brooklyn NY
Jonathan Richard Smith – Galaxy Smith Studios, Brooklyn NY
Ryan Andrews – Big Bertha Studios, Miami FL
Benjamin Jacobs – The Q Department, New York NY

Tracks 1-12 mixed by Andrew Maury
Tracks 13-14 mixed by Marc Plotkin
Mastered by Paul Blakemore
Design by Chris Rushing  

Rebecca Brandt can be found online: