10 years in the pipeline have gone by but finally, this memorable live event sees the light of the day. Sco-Mule is the new live "baby" of the Gov't Mule, a band that never fails to surprise, always in a very positive way musically speaking featuring John Scofield, a very eclectic jazz-rock guitarist that has been performing with the best names in the Jazz business through the years (Charlie Mingus and Miles Davis, amongst many many others).

Once again, this live record has the power to show the skills and eclecticism of a band that, years after years, gig after gig, gets better and better just like a bottle of the most refined wine. Contrary to many other artists, a Mule live event will always sound differently from any previous one, thanks to the immense talent and craftsmanship of each band member. Recorded just before less than a year before the passing of the late great Allen Woody in Atlanta and Athens, Georgia, this live album allows the listeners to hear the band's very first "all-instrumental set" the Mule ever recorded. Even for the most hardcore jazz fans, to hear an extraordinary musician such as John Scofield performing with the Mule will be a sonic experience that they will barely forget.

It is always the hardest part of all choosing highlights from a Mule album, doesn't matter whether it's a live or a studio album and this record is no exception. "Tom Thumb" is a jazz-rock pure roller coaster, with Scofield stretching his ability at the top of his game; "Doing It To Death" adds that funkadelic touch so much loved by Warren and The Mule, but overall, the whole double-disc album represents a delicious taste of 40 years of music history condensed in a record that just needs to be listened, loved and most of all, cherished. An album played with an intensity and beauty second to none and a must-have album for anyone who really loves music in its entirety.

gioAbout Our Author: Giovanni "Gio" Pilato is Italian music writer, who has been living in UK since 2002. With an enormous passion for music, and life in general, his interest in the communications began at 11 years old. He worked briefly for local radios in his youth and did a one-off radio show on 2007 on the glorious BBC 6 Music Radio station. Gio started his freelance journalist career in 2012, with Italian artists, and is now mainly focusing on blues artists. To follow Gio Pilato and his all cool radio show, Visit: (RTL 102.5 Cool (Webradio)):