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Blues and Delta Blues in particular, have always been the perfect archetype of music authenticity. America is often cited as The Root of the genre, the heart and soul of blues, but this record proves that also Italy is not so far fetched. And so happened that two hugely talented guitarists, such as American, Reed Turchi, and Italian, Adriano Viterbini, decided to join forces and give life to a delicate music portrait of Delta Blues with dark twists that cannot define any better the journey of the blues music of the last half century.

Although maybe a bit short on duration (sadly just about 28 minutes), Scrapyard undoubtedly homages any listener with 8 blues sketches of true intensity and beauty that it makes one wish the record would last forever. Echoes of John Fahey and Ry Cooder can be easily spotted in the fabulous catharsis the two guitarists are able to produce on each track, even without any rhythm section whatsoever. The track Gira is the joyous finale of a music experiment that, hopefully, will reserve us more and more beautiful records like this in the years to come.

A marvelous example of talent and simplicity and perhaps one of the best guides to blues newcomers that wish to learn and appreciate the purity of that wonderful genre that is blues.

Gio Pilato

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