When it comes to developing vision about music in its globality, Sonny Landreth is the right man for the job.

After the last two albums mostly orientated towards classical jazz and fusion, Landreth returns to play blues at the usual level of excellency on his forthcoming new record, Bound By The Blues, released on June 9th.

On this album, Landreth offers his own perspective about the genre, penning through his slide guitar moments of pure brilliancy throughout the whole records. 10 tracks suspended between the pure roots of the genre and hints of experimental blues-rock and jazz, still maintaining his truly unique style and respect for the core of the blues.

Key To The Highway has an irresistible riff running through the whole track; Firebird Blues is a touching, instrumental homage to the late great Johnny Winter; Dust My Broom has that thumping blues cadence that somebody like Howlin' Wolf would have dreamt to play; Simcoe Street has got that boogie slant able to to run deep into one's soul.

A fine labour of love, executed with metronomic precision and craftmanship by an artist with a deep understanding of music in its totality . Through this album, Landreth moves his music style up to another level and Bound By The Blues is, once again, testimony of the versatility and music brilliancy that Landreth carries within.



Giovanni "Gio" Pilato


The album can be purchased at: MASCOT LABEL GROUP and AMAZON