The most delicate flowers are often hidden in the most unthinkable places, either a volcanic rock or maybe, sometimes, in a back alley right in the heart of a big city.

The Only Good Addiction Is Love, Taylor's new album, is one of those beautiful flowers; a sincere homage to poetry, literature and art, played with delicacy and intensity through his guitar and that fabulous depth that his voice possesses.

Taylor has been often emphasised the importance of celebrating the power of language in his precedent albums and this new record is no exception. Through this album, Taylor takes a definite step to the world of aesthetics with the charisma and the experience of a modern Troubadour, supported by a superb array of fellow musicians on each individual track.

There are open references to the Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca through a couple of tracks, the instrumental Lorca and the sweet Tienes Mi Alma En Tus Manos. The track Rothko, is a fabulous portrait in music dedicated to the expressionist painter Mark Rothko, whose works are very close to the heart of this very talented artist.

The album flows with such beauty and gentility that one almost regrets to have reached the last track on the album. The White Birds, a poem by W B Yeats closes the album superbly, with the Pedal Steel Guitar of Kim Deschamps keeping the up-tempo, whilst the voice of Taylor takes the listeners to that sea so superbly described by Yeats' lyrics, just by closing your eyes and listening to the song.

A true masterpiece in itself. Taylor deserves respect for his love and devotion for the music he creates and his fine ability and skills as a guitarist. The United Kingdom has definitely unleashed, through this record, another phenomenal artist to definite music stardom.


Giovanni "Gio" Pilato

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