Sofia Donavan might be just 18, but very bright sparkles of a hugely promising career can be easily spotted through her new mini album. Left To The Clouds is the second EP released by this young artist, after her 2013 debut called Square One. Sofia's pastiche of folk and country carries echoes of a young Joni Mitchell or maybe a more contemporary Taylor Swift, through the beautiful 5 tracks comprised in the EP. Her lyrics may sound at times slightly sad, still, they always come across by being honest and straight from the heart.

Donavan has put that heart on her sleeves on this record, not just lyrically but also musically speaking. Tracks as If It Wasn’t For Love and Rare As Gold speak volume on the personal life journey that the Hispanic/American Donavan is on. That very same life journey that, through her integrity as an artist, will bring Donavan for sure very far in her music career.


Giovanni "Gio" Pilato


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