marcus nand

One of the greatest virtues of an artist is to be able to assemble his music roots on a record and mash them together, creating a winning music formula.

Marcus Nand is an artist that has got in his DNA a lot of rock, blues, world music and an insane passion for Flamenco guitar style. Time And Tide Wait For No Man has got plenty of rock ballads, often penned by some beautifully executed Flamenco guitar solo and that deep, bluesy voice the English-born Nand has installed in his vocal chords.

Self-produced by Nand himself and co-written together with one of the best bass player worldwide, Carmine Rojas (playing on the album too), Time And Tide Wait For No Man is a definite step ahead in Nand's eclectic music career. Lyrically, the album goes through different aspects of life, in which many listeners may easily find themselves into. Nand gets even a bit spiritual, in Tarifa, one of the best tunes of the album, when he sings "Fear will leave you, God will touch you. Then your spirit will suddenly find you...".

Nand sings both in English and Spanish on the album, as a true homage to his roots. His voice improves as the years go by and songs like Cuando Amamos or The Prize are a clear manifesto of the great singing range of the American-based artist.

Time And Tide Wait For No Man feels like a sweet caress in the night, any night, anywhere in the world. The album of the maturity for Marcus Nand.


Giovanni "Gio" Pilato



Time And Tide Wait For No Man is out now and available on ITunes and Amazon