It's celebration time for the British-born and super versatile blues artist Eddie Martin. After his 2014 Best Of album, Martin has now released a new record, Live In Tuscany, in which the scale of his eclecticity reaches one of the highest peaks of Martin's music career.

The live album, released under the name of Eddie Martin's Big Red Radio, took almost 3 years for the blues Maestro to be able to find the right musicians and complete this project.

Live In Tuscany develops the original form of some of Martin's classics to a complete new level, dazzling through country-blues, americana and folk, incorporating brilliantly even some pop music elements.

The outcome fits perfectly the album's concept. Blues Took Me By The Hand resonates as the work of a complete blues orchestra, pulsating throughout the whole tune with elegance and craftmanship. Ingolstadt has got a fabulous down-tempo groove, with a great solo on keyboards by Alberto Gurissi.

The intensity of Five Things brings back memories of Blind Willie Johnson, Something About You Baby carries through some little funky vibes while Month Of Mondays' Bossanova delicate sound help even further to make this album even more palatable to any music lover.

The rock attack on Watching The Weather detonates as strong as a Led Zeppelin song would have done in the old days. Martin's voice sounds as good as it has ever been throughout Live In Tuscany and his work on Harmonica, Slide and Electric Guitar is first class.

Martin plays with the lyrical themes on the album very cleverly. Aware of the multi-ethnicity of the musicians present in this project, Eddie Martin incorporates themes very close to his heart, such as social justice to others related to social harmony, tolerance and respect for one another.

Live In Tuscany represents not just a music feast in its entirety but it is also a clear manifesto of the high level of music skills of an artist like Martin. An artist that never stops to surprise and entertain people with his talent and ability.


Giovanni "Gio" Pilato


Live In Tuscany is out now and can be purchased at Amazon