Too often, Music Press has released over-inflated statements about someone's skills and ability, definying this or that artist as "The Future Of" some music genres.

In Laurence Jones' case, such statement does not even start to express his ability, skills and great potential. With a deep understanding of music on many levels and at 360 degrees, at the tender age of 23, the british singer/songwriter and guitarist writes and plays music with such depth and maturity to leave music fans, media and fellow musicians utterly speechless. Jones' new album, What's It Gonna Be, recently released in the United States, is a complete triumph of great songwriting and craftmanship of very high standards.

There are many highlights on the album. The opener and title-track of the album is a phenomenal knock-out blues-rock track that sounds as majestic in the lyrics as much as it is musically. Jones' voice is so fresh, flexible and consequently able to adapt to all the different music territories he explores on What's It Gonna Be. From the raspy attack on the bluesy Evil to softer rock ballads such as Don't Look Back, on which he beautifully duets with Sandi Thom, the british artist shows an incredible versatility that just music veterans would be able to achieve, still maintaining his own defined vocal identity and style.

Supported brilliantly by Roger Inniss on bass and Miri Miettinen on drums, Jones' guitar sound gets better and better in each passing record. This new album is defined by many as a blues one. In reality, there are so many different music elements coming from different genres that Jones cleverly manages to incorporate in his music formula, making this album refreshing and brilliantly constructed for any sort of music fans.

There are wonderful rock moments like Being Alone or Touch Your Moonlight, all originals and masterfully penned lyrically and musically by Jones and his band. Even when Jones covers classics, the album does not stop to impress. Can't Get Enough, in which he duets with that extraordinary singer that is Dana Fuchs, has got that Southern Rock robust sound so close to the heart of bands like The Fleetwood Mac and constitutes one of the most entertaining moments of the album.

Jones though reaches the pinnacle of his artistry on What's It Gonna Be by executing a breathtaking version of Leadbelly's classic Good Morning Blues. Sharp, intense and powerful, with a guitar solo that reaches outstanding levels of perfection.

The young Guitar Virtuoso has written, through this album, another landmark of his music career. And given his young age, in Jones' case, we can certainly confirm that "The Future Of Blues/Rock", through his talent, is guaranteed for many years to come.



Giovanni "Gio" Pilato




What's It Gonna Be is released and available on Ruf Records