doug henthorn

After 4 excellent records with his blues/rock project called Healing Sixes and several collaborations with artists belonging to the same music scene, Doug Henthorn welcomed solo debut comes after a recording hiatus of almost 3 years.

Half a way between an extended EP and a proper album, the 7-tracks on Cold Medicine showcases an artist at the peak of his artistic maturity. Supported by an excellent array of musicians during the recording process, Henthorn's vocals gift the listener with some really sublime moments throughout the album.

The Indiana-born artist moves with extraordinary flexibility from the country tempo of the song Simple Plan to the almost Zeppelin-esque folk of Wolf Cried All The Way To Memphis with such grace and class that just very few experienced performers are able to reach.

The opener Lament For The Band is a delicate rootsy-rock tune, one of the several highlights of the album, thanks also to the superb music arrangement that helps the track to breathe even more, just like a fine bottle of red wine.

Henthorn's ability is on full display on the closing track, the semi-acoustic That's Alright. The lyrics of the tune are passionate as it is Henthorn's vocal delivery and his acoustic guitar. The perfect ending for an album that shows phenomenal potential, although maybe a little short in terms of number of tracks. Doug Henthorn is back and we certainly want more of his music.


Giovanni "Gio" Pilato



Cold Medicine is available to be purchased as a download on Amazon or in physical format through Doug Henthorn's Website