Music in general always sounds better when it is pure, without any studio trickery. And when it comes to blues, to have just a voice and a guitar it is all that you need. Tim Williams is a Canadian artist that has been taking his love and passion for the genre, playing stages, all over the world. To the point that, in 2014, he won the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, a well deserved award that confirms the stature of Williams as one of the best contemporary interpreters of traditional country blues.

So Low is a musical journal that digs deeply into the history of the blues through Williams' intense vocal deliveries and great guitar ability. From the 1920s-1930s, homages to artists like Big Bill Broonzy (My Big Money) or Blind Boy Fuller (Pistol Snapper) continuing to more recent times, through an early hit from Johnny Cash (Big River) until reaching one of Williams' all-time blues heroes, Mose Allison and his classic If You Live.

Tim Williams is also an excellent and clever songwriter, with the added bonus of possessing a witty sense of humour. More Peppers In Your Chili professes the artist's deep love for spicy food in general, with highly entertaining results. Anywhere C/O The Blues is Williams' personal way to express in music his high appreciation and love for a genre that has always been part of his life and will always be. His Gretsch Alligator Resonator guitar means every note Williams plays and it constitutes one of the most intense moments of the album.

Despite the title of the album, So Low is a record that travels very high in terms of music quality and guitar skills. It is a delicate and accurate message of love not just for traditional blues lovers, but to anyone who appreciates the values of making honest music with the magical sounds of the guitar and a soulful voice. An absolutely terrific record.



Giovanni "Gio" Pilato


So Low can be purchased either via ITunes or through CD Baby