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A live concert constitutes always a special celebration not just for music fans but also for the artists themselves. To celebrate a career span of 40-plus years of rock and roll, Madrid in Spain was an obvious choice for Guitar Hero Michael Schenker and his latest project Temple Of Rock. On A Mission, Live In Madrid is a perfect sonic photograph of all the musical places where Schenker has been and where he is right now.

Recorded and filmed in November 2015 in 4K HD technology, this live CD and DVD contains more than two hours of music and footage and expresses the sound of a band in full force. A band that pounds energy, entertainment and magistral artistry from beginning to end.

To call Temple Of Rock simply a band is not enough. When you have a Scorpion's rhytm section made by Herman Rarebell on drums and Francis Buchholz on bass, an ex-Rainbow singer like Doogie White and a very talented musician like Wayne Findlay on guitar and keyboards, who has worked with Schenker for many years, anybody would be in the right to call Temple Of Rock an All-Star Band.

The show in its entirety is very accurately calibrated. Schenker, through the magic of his guitar, travels through his whole music career by playing classics of the period in which he was with the UFO, like Lights Out and Rock Bottom or when he was touring the world with the project Michael Schenker Group, by performing some of the most inspired songs of that era, like Victim Of Illusion or the wonderful Rock My Nights Away, amongst others.

Having two ex-Scorpions member within the band is not just an incredible luxury for Schenker & Co. but also give them the right excuse (not that Schenker needs any, anyway) to perform some of the Scorpions most recognisable classics such as Lovedrive, Coast To Coast, Blackout or the thunderous Rock You Like A Hurricane.

Schenker's guitar sound is pitch perfect throughout the whole concert and not even once, the German guitarist shows any signs of slowing down in energy and timing.

The show is a time capsule of Schenker's career but surprisingly, the true highlights of the concert come from material belonging to the Temple Of Rock albums. Vigilante Man, Saviour Machine and Communion are powerful, highly energetic and perfectly executed by the whole band. Doogie White on vocals is impeccable, especially on Vigilante Man.

On A Mission, Live In Madrid is not just the ultimate musical statement for the Mad Axeman Michael Schenker. It's the biggest, most loud and joyous rock party in town. A rock party that Schenker and Temple Of Rock will keep on playing still for many years to come.


Giovanni "Gio" Pilato 



On A Mission - Live In Madrid is available as a DVD or as a 2-CD via Amazon

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