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Sometimes artists have to pursue their dreams a little bit harder than the normal, especially in a tough world like music business. Brigitte Rios Purdy is a young American singer and songwriter that has been known for some times in the American music scene as one of the finest Blues and R&B performers of the country.

The self-produced debut EP from Rios Purdy is a musical box full of unexpected jewels, in which the American artist showcases extraordinary vocal skills and an impressive versatility in the six tracks (5 original and 1 cover) present in the album.

Rios Purdy released, back few months ago, her debut single called Lucille, Don't You Weep, a song with clear references to B.B. King signature guitar. This blues ballad exalts many aspects of the singer's capacity to move flawlessly through different tonalities within the song, thanks to her unique voice. A voice that shines, on this occasion, at its best for style and execution and it is certainly one of the highlights of the EP.

Another special moment on the album comes from the album opener, Blues Angel. Suspended between a jazz and a blues ballad, the tune sees the American artist delivering the best vocals of the album, through a song that is perfectly carved to allow Rios Purdy's voice to shine at its brightest.

Muddy Water's classic I Just Wanna Make Love To You is the only cover of the album. The song is executed in the way that Waters would have surely loved the most, with that guitar riff in the background provided by the talented Dave Osti, a riff that has been the signature piece of many of this blues giant's songs back in the days. Rios Purdy delivers again another astonishing vocal performance, adding to her personal take on this classic a touch of playfulness that spices up the flavour of this mini-album even further.

Rise Like The Water and Shot Heard Around The World give the opportunity to Rios Purdy to demonstrate, as well, how confident she is in challenging herself with great results also in songs of blues/rock extraction (Rise Like The Water) or more of a soul type (Shot Heard Around The World).

The closing More Love is a splendid rock ballad, where the American singer pulls off, once again, another pitch-perfect execution, to seal the EP in the best way possible.

Brigitte Rios Purdy's great voice has been hidden in the shadow of a struggling music business for far too long. It's about time that a record label gives her the opportunity to shine as an artist, because she deserves it all.




Giovanni "Gio" Pilato


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