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One of the many beauties of a country like the great United Kingdom is that, wherever you go in the country, no matter whether it is England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales, you will be always guaranteed to find everywhere great musicians and people loving music in general.

Daz Edwards and Luke Bradshaw from Wales are both great musicians and music lovers. The duo, formerly known as Coolhand, has been already guests of our website, when BBR reviewed their self-titled debut album, a remarkable record showcasing an eclectic sound tinted with folk, rock and few sprinkles of pop here and there. The whole package supported by an all around excellent songwriting and production.

Coolhand are though, most of all, a live band and their new album, Live At The Globe, displays perfectly where the root of their sound comes from. In addition, what a live album does best, most times, is to give justice even more to the artistry of each band member and this live recording certainly hit the spot.

Daz Edwards has got one of those rich and intense voices able to warm up arenas filled with thousands people. His vocal delivery is always passionate and sincere and songs like the opener Virtual Life or Give Love A Chance are the perfect demonstration of his many qualities as a lead singer.

Edward's fellow bandmate and guitarist extraordinaire Luke Bradshaw is a musician that every band would dream to have. His guitar playing is slick, solid and his timing in keeping the whole band on stage all together is absolutely pitch perfect.

If you have not had yet the chance of getting Coolhand's studio album, Live At The Globe will give you the opportunity to get the full setlist of their wonderful debut album. Together with being excellent musicians, Edwards and Bradshaw are great storytellers too, through their songs. The live versions of Hardly The Time, a song about past disillusions and hopes in the future and Looking Back, the story of a man paying for a night of romance (and more) are simply superb, certainly Bluebird Review's favourites among an overall, very solid live album.

Live At The Globe also gives the opportunity and the right platform to the band to "test" new songs with their fans, like Just A Man, a very spiritual and powerful tune that could be, potentially, included in one of Coolhand's next albums in years to come.

Live At The Globe is an album that shows in full the artistic depth of two skilled musicians, whose passion, respect and love for music allow them to be able to deliver constantly songs of great qualities. Something that it is not easy to find, in nowaday's music business. 



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Live At The Globe is out now and is available via ITunes


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