The old school soul man who played alongside Mick Jagger at the Grammy's this year was able to make the late Solomon Burke proud.

I picked up his album "The Way I See It," and one critique from another writer was that it was 'too Motown."

What can be bad about that?

I love the album because he is a solid representation of the soul sensibility, which I think in today's music, actually gives him a modern edge.

My favorite tracks from "The Way I See It" are Big Easy and Keep Marchin'. The arrangements and brass are classically placed to keep us humming along without overwhelming the song. The entire album is something you can put on for a mod groove and funky vibe at a party, driving along or just buzzing around your house when you need some company, Mr. Saadiq is present with a fresh take on classic soul.


There are celebs on this record too and this album deserves a full review, but I'm writing today to say that he has another album out, "Stone Rollin." (Columbia). The liners say that he was influenced by Robert Johnson on this work. Blues and soul followers may want to take a listen, then. Tell us what you think.


You can download some tracks at :