When somebody mentions the state of Texas in the United States in a music context, one cannot avoid to associate this beautiful part of America to genres like the blues and the rock, styles that have been always in the musical DNA of this part of the States.

Through times, a new generation of artists is bringing to the Texan music table new, fresh ideas and new intuitions on how to combine the aforementioned genres with alternative layers of sound coming from different times but still resounding very much contemporary and innovative.

Among this Nouvelle Vague of artists, a place of honor goes surely to the young guitarist and singer/songwriter Jackie Venson, whose new EP called Transcends is a body of work displaying so much talent, creativity and versatility that it is no wonder why somebody of the calibre of Gary Clark Jr. wanted her so much as Support Artist for Clark's recent Tour.

Transcends comprises 5 original songs, all displaying artistic skills and a depth of knowledge of music remarkably high for such a young artist. From the opening tune called Flying, with some great bridges and choruses laid on a irresistible 80's funky base, it becomes immediately clear that Venson loves to create sonic pastiches that can suit her delicate and elegant singing voice, in the same way that she does on another tune of the EP, still on a solidly executed funky rhythm, called Fight.

Venson's lyrics are immediate, honest and the artist's genuinity mirrors perfectly the purity of her voice and Venson's guitar playing style. The Texan artist is also not afraid to challenge herself into different music styles, as she does, for example in a tune called Mysterious, a torch song that embraces, once again, great melodies combined with excellent bridges and choruses. It's a song where Venson's voice shines in all its natural beauty, light as a feather with some really beautiful lyrics and accompained splendidly by Michael Ramos on keyboards.

The title-track of the EP closes this mini album in a truly spectacular way. Venson's guitar styles is in full display, with a fabulous, dirty guitar sound adding that extra spicy flavor to a song with powerful rock vibes, a perfectly fitting closure for such a splendid and diverse EP.

Transcends is a record that shows the full potential of an artist that works on her songs with heart and soul. There is real drive in her music approach and in her guitar style, not to mention a formidable depth of quality in her songwriting and in Venson's singing style too. You better watch out for Jackie Venson, because her future is going to be be very bright.








Transcends is out now and it can be purchased on Jackie Venson's Official Website