In music, as often happens in life to many of us, individuals need to fight really hard to overcome personal struggles against their own demons, in order to find the energy and the right motivations to then rise again.

This very succinct fact of life seems to be the mirror of what has been happening in later years to the British singer and songwriter Mollie Marriott, an artist whose promising, rising career took a severe down turn back in 2012 for personal reasons. Thankfully, time managed to heal those emotional scars that Marriott was facing and, little by little, the young artist re-gained trust in her artistic skills.

Marriott's debut album, called Truth Is A Wolf, is the music diary of the artist's journey over the last 5 years of her life, the whole written and sang with great intensity, passion and sometimes, brutal honesty.

From a songwriting aspect, Mollie Marriott has chiseled some truly great songs on the new album, some of which must have been extremely difficult to write and then sing. From the song called Broken, literally a letter of apology to the artist's daughter for not taking in proper consideration her daughter's feelings in a very dark moment of Marriott's personal life to the closing My Heaven Can Wait, an uplifting message of hope written in one of the lowest points of Marriott's emotional breakdown, the British singer/songwriter shows superb control of her writing skills, especially given the circumstances in which those lyrics have been written.

As a singer, Marriott is certainly among the most wonderful certainties that the whole music business currently has. The artist's vocal range is incredibly vast, at times tender and powerful depending by the moods and the needs of each individual song of the album.

The second part of the album, in particular, evidentiates in full the high skills of the British artist, both as a singer and as a lyricist. Songs like Love Your Bones, Transformer and King Of Hearts combine exciting vocal deliveries with lyrics carrying a great depth of intensity. Marriott finds her most favourite sonic carpet on which she can express her many talents at their very best on songs laid on a 90's rock sound kind of structure, a formula that certainly proves to be the perfect fit for the British artist's many qualities.

Truth Is A Wolf brings back to life an artist whose potentials showcased on this album are of a remarkable quality. Mollie Marriott is back and she is here to stay.






Truth Is A Wolf is out now and it is available on Mollie Marriott's Official Website