The last 24 months of London-based guitarist and singer/songwriter Jack J Hutchinson have been pretty intense, on many levels, personal and artistic ones. His first solo album Paint No Fiction was one of the biggest independent success stories of 2018 in the United Kingdom and beyond, with the artist acquiring an increasing amount of fans and Music Press attention in his country of origin and in few parts of Europe, thanks to a powerful music combo made of 90's Brit-Rock, 70's Psychedelia and Acid-Rock songs, displaying great moments of brilliancy in the songwriting and ability in building catchy tunes with cleverly constructed bridges and choruses. 

Being the prolific songwriter he has always been since the beginning of his career, Hutchinson had a lot to say about what went on, in recent times, in his personal life, about family and the state of his country, in general, facing challenging times, through some new material that revealed the guitarist and singer/songwriter's growth not just on a human level but, most importantly for his fans, on an artistic one too.

It is therefore fair to say that Jack J Hutchinson's brand new album released today, 18th October and called Who Feeds The Wolf?, it is undoubtedly his best and most mature work to date in many ways. 

Produced by Hutchinson's long time collaborator Tony Perretta, Who Feeds The Wolf? displays the many sides of an artist whose personality and musicianship opens up sometimes gracefully, just like a flower does in springtime, in songs of great intensity like I Will Follow You, Autumn Leaves and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye, some other times in a more direct and combustive way instead, as shown in thunderous tunes like the one-two that open the album, Justified and Haunted Bones or in the swagger-packed anthemic Roll Another One.

In his sonic approach to the new songs, Hutchinson has certainly benefited of the remarkable  musical cohesion of his band's rhythm section, with Felipe Amorin on drums and Lazarus Michaelides on bass doing a truly fabulous job throughout the whole record, but especially, in our opinion, on tracks like Kiss Your Ass Goodbye, Roll Another One and the closing tune Sleep Awake Obey, where the initial layers of Rock-botic sound get transformed, by Hutchinson and his band in an opulent, fuel-charged, fast and furious Metal finale.

Jack J Hutchinson throws new music elements as well, in the whole of Who Feeds The Wolf?. Layers of Glam and Progressive Rock find now space in Hutchinson's sonic vocabulary in tunes like Peace Of Mind and the politically inspired Winds Of Change (nothing to do with the Scorpion's song!), with an excellent work on keyboards by Alberto Manuzzi.

Hutchinson's new songs increasingly captivate the listener every step of the way, on Who Feeds The Wolf? Together with his ability as a songwriter and as a guitar player, Hutchinson's vocals are getting stronger and stronger and the depth of his maturity as a singer too can be hugely appreciated in the whole of the record, but especially in songs like Lucky Man, Autumn Leaves and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye.

Who Feeds The Wolf? is a strong artistic statement of Jack J Hutchinson's musicianship and, at the same time, it shows an artist that gets stronger and more confident about himself and his music with each passing year and record. An artist to enjoy and love and to follow closely for many years to come.







Who Feeds The wolf? is out now and it is available to be purchased on Amazon

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