It is refreshing to see that, in the sometimes artificial contemporary music business, there is still somebody who believes to the fact that music shouldn't be defined by genre, but it should rather be following the artist's instinct, in a sort of natural musical manifestation free by any labeling cage.

This is exactly the way that the English singer/songwriter and talented guitarist Jack Broadbent visions music in his mind and in his soul, through his rather splendid and inspired new record called Moonshine Blue.

Often seen and appreciated worldwide by critics and music fans as one of the rising stars of modern music, Broadbent has put together, through Moonshine Blue, one of the most refined, honest and sophisticated albums of his whole career, thanks to a body of work of sublime intensity that displays in full the artist's capacity of delving cleverly into different styles of music effortlessly.

One of the most extraordinary aspects of an album like Moonshine Blue, it is Broadbent's personal approach to music, where the British artist uses always appropriately his many skills as a singer/songwriter and as a guitarist solely to the service of each of the album's songs, without over-indulging on his already phenomenal musicianship in the slightest . 

Broadbent's ability of building layers of Folk, Jazz, Blues and Rock into the songs comprised into Moonshine Blue is, at times, absolutely mesmerizing and it gets rather difficult to choose single tunes off a record of remarkable artistic depth like this.

From that totally stripped-down acoustic gem that is Everytime I Drown, going right through the soulful Blues/Folk of an inspired tune like Tonight, until the strong, inventive Rock And Roll wall of sound of a song like Wishing Well kicks in, where Broadbent cleverly overlays acoustic and electric guitar with remarkable results, Moonshine Blue is a musical triumph of minimalism and sophistication at the same time, not even starting mentioning the huge talent of Broadbent as a singer too.

When you get close to Christmas, you want to get a meaningful gift to the people you love the most in your life. By choosing to buy an album like Moonshine Blue, as your special gift to someone special, not necessarily at Christmas Time but anytime you wish, you can be guaranteed that the receiver of such gift will thank you for many years to come. Jack Broadbent has released not only a magnificent record but, potentially, through Moonshine Blue, the album of a lifetime.







Moonshine Blue is out now and it can be purchased via Jack Broadbent's Official Website

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