It is most certainly uplifting, in these days and age, to be able to listen to a record of an artist able to fuse, with such grace and elegance, genres like Trip-Hop, Synth-Pop, New Age and Drum&Bass in an exciting and very convincing melting pot of styles and sounds.

This is exactly what the Brazilian/American singer/songwriter Samira Winter managed to achieve on her rather eclectic, yet hugely inspired debut album called Endless Space (Between You And I), where this young and talented artist showcases, together with her amazing voice and her very personal musical vision, also a natural ability as a songwriter, combining the freshness of her vocals with lyrics often inspired by esoteric themes and also by the importance of trying to respect the world where we live in, on many different levels.

Winter is truly a most welcomed breath of fresh air, in the contemporary music scene. Endless Space (Between You And I) is a highly entertaining sonic walk into the world of an artist able to surprise the listener on each track, where you may find Winter either leading you into paths of emotional melancholy, like in the beautiful lo-fi recorded and hypnotic tune called In The Z Plane or in the song Constellation, where the singer/songwriter chisels a sublime mash-up of Trip and Synth-Pop, delivering at the same time some of the most intense vocals of the whole album.

The album in itself keeps on giving on many different levels. While the Brazilian/American artist constantly delivers songs of great quality and depth, thanks also to her breathtaking falsetto that brings often shivers to the spine, throughout the whole record and either when she sings in English or in Portuguese, it is also important to highlight the incredible amount of work gone in the sonic construction of Endless Space, where walls of warped samples, dreamy synths and 90's fuzzed guitars complement Samira Winter's songs in the most enthralling and creative way.

Endless Space (Between You And I) is among the freshest and most innovative musical baptism that a music artist can possibly dream of. Given the astonishing outcome of Winter's debut album and the amount of talent expressed through this wonderful record, there is no doubt that, in the horizon of the music business, another star is shining bright and that star is called Samira Winter.





Endless Space (Between You And I) is out now and it is available on Bar/None Records